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Greetings Noble Warriors,

Aljiro The Graphics Warrior Here!

After a recent "falling flat down on my face" episode. I quickly stood up. And thought to my self I cannot go down. I want to make something of my time.

But Reality Struck!

I don't know where to start! Darn! There are just so many choices. I mean I would be REALLY happy with product creation but I am aware that I need more knowledge and guidance to reach success. Affiliate marketing would be good but I have absolutely no clue where to start! Thats my biggest problem I read a lot of books on IM and been soaking up the concepts of stuff but with so much information I don't know how to make that important first step and the following.

I need a mentor...

I think I badly need one. I need a mentor who can kick me into shape and push me towards taking action. The problem is I don't have cash. I am just a newbie from the Philippines and I can't afford big ticket guru coaching.

I need a mentor who can see my potential.. (For Free)

I will truly be grateful to the one who will be happy to take me under his/her wings. I know that there are very good people here on the warrior forum. I am here calling out to a noble warrior who has the time and patience to help me. I can make your time worthwhile by providing you with high quality graphics for free.

Noble Warrior. If you are that kind soul please contact me.

Thank you so much for your time.

Have a blessed day.

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    If you are skilled at making graphics then why not sell your services?

    Put together a portfolio of graphics you've created for other people and start selling your service.

    It's often easy to start with what you're good at.
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    Hi Nick. Thanks for the response. I'm currently offering my services now (with my site and WSO) and I think I am ready for internet marketing thus I am looking for a mentor myself. I will still be doing graphics though but I am ready to jump in the league where more money exists.

    I am still looking for a mentor if you are that kind soul please contact me.

    alexa_s - Thanks! Have a great weekend too!

    Thank you so much.

    Have a blessed day.
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    Hi, I've built web businesses over the last 10 years, sold a successful web business 2 years ago in Canada. I would be happy to help you. But, no exchange is free, not because I need something in return, but you must offer something in return. This is how win-win relations are built.

    What can I do for you? And what can you do for me? No money exchange

    I'm now operating an SEO services company, I'm a professional SEO consultant, expert on Drupal website building, business management studies, Unix server management studies...

    Let me know if your interested!

    Good luck!

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