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I'm looking into re-targeting visitors who are interested in my affiliate products and could use some clarification from those who are more familiar.

It seems as if most who re-target are vendors and I'm finding very little information from affiliates who are doing this.

From what I'm gathering, the problem lies in the fact that you must own the landing page in order to place a pixel.

Here are a few questions that I hope someone can help me with:
  1. How many affiliates are really taking advantage of retargeting?
  2. Those who are doing this, how is it impacting your conversions and are you finding it worth the money spent on retargeting ads?
  3. I came across a plugin called "retargeting engine" that offers a workaround for the pixel issue. I'm finding very few review (except affiliates who are promoting it for a commission). Any feedback on this plugin or any others? Is there a better way to do this?
  4. If I already have targeted traffic in a particular niche, should I retarget all who visit my website, those who show interest in a particular product by clicking on my review, or just those who click on an affiliate link?
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    you won't find many experienced marketers talking openly about this as Re-targeting, Real time bidding, Demand side platforms and techniques are still in the " keep hush hush" stage to avoid competitors from gaining ground..

    We are on the tech side so can confirm theirs plenty of good solutions, just need to learn to use the tools and you will be in the hush hush side as well
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      this is not.. hush hush, it just is expensive way to go. You must be Really certain that your offer will SELL!

      "Those who are doing this, how is it impacting your conversions and are you finding it worth the money spent on retargeting ads?"

      of course it works, BUT again you must have a product or service that sells!

      Advertising is advertising . Most products or services are Not successfully because not enough people want to Buy it!

      Adverting, marketing is secondary. It us just a Tool. You can have shitty copy, shitty marketing .. but if you have a product that is in demand it will be successful. Then if you create good marketing , it will be even More successful;.

      Get the right product or service FIRST! Not easy to do. That is why most just sell more Tools and Hype!
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    It is more important to focus on making sure that the product you are promoting sells.

    It would be best to validate if there is indeed a market for the target audience you are trying to reach. This can be done through testing through paid advertisement.

    Once you have tested and validated the market you can then move on to retargeting. Facebook ads works best for this. There are many tutorials that give great free information on Youtube regarding retargeting.
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    You don't have to have a pixel on the affiliate product page.

    However, you need your pixel to be on all YOUR pages.

    Ideally, you should buy ads that dump people to a CONTENT page that has your pixel. The content page then tries it hardest to call the viewer to click on your affiliate link.

    Alternatively, the content page can lead to an internal pre-sale page. You can set things up so that RETARGETING only focuses on users who went to that internal page.


    Presumably, they are more likely to buy.
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    It depends on the product that you're selling/promoting.

    For example, if I'm promoting an IM product or launch, what I would do is offer a bonus package for everyone who buys that product through my link. Once they do, they will be redirected to the bonus page where they can download all their bonuses, that's where I would put the Facebook retageting pixel. This will allow me to retarget only buyers.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for all of the replies.

    I'm having an issue finding a network who is willing to work with affiliates. Can anyone recommend a network that is willing to work with affiliates?
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