Anyone know any Chitika eMiniMall Alternatives?

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I'm looking for an alternative to what used to be Chitika's eMiniMall ads. These were cool little ad blocks that would basically provide different vendors and pricing for a given product. For example, if your page was about iPods you might have an eMiniMall that showed iPod prices at Circuit City, Amazon, and NewEgg.

Chitika did away with the eMiniMalls, which was kind of a dumb move on their part.

In case you're not familiar with Chitika, it's a contextual ad service that can peacefully coexist with Adsense ads without infringing on Google's TOS. Chitika, Inc. - Search Targeted Advertising

So does anyone know of a widget that will let you feed it keywords and provide price comparisons for three or more vendors? Needless to say, it would have to monetized so that if the user clicks on the store you get some affiliate love.
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