Authenticity - Writing from what you know, not what you just made up.

by KenJ
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I just wanted to give a big shout for writing from your own life and experiences. As I have followed and learnt from many of the mighty warriors here and elsewhere, I have jumped in and got busy. I have set up all types of earning systems and monetized them as instructed. I have now reviewed them. I know that only 3 of the websites earn money - the others do not.

The common denominator of the 3 websites that work well is that they are in niches that I was already heavily involved in before I discovered the world of internet marketing. I can write about them all day long and I hardly need to do any research because I already have years of experience to draw on.

The other 17 websites are frankly rubbish. They are in niches that hold no interest for me whatever. They bore me and that obviously comes over in the writing. I wouldn't buy what they are selling if I landed on them.

So if you are struggling with choosing a niche to get involved in, I would urge you to stay with a niche you know. They might not be the greatest earners. But then again if you are knowledgeable in the field it could well be more profitable for you where as for someone else it wouldn't.

I know some people will say you can outsource.

I think that real knowledge and enthusiasm comes through with an authenticity that is impossible to fake.
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    Ken.....I couldn't agree with you more.Jerry and Sharon
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    I agree with what you're saying, but consider this...

    Let's say you wanted to create a nice site about playing billiards but you could care less about the topic. Don't let that stop you! Instead of writing it yourself, go onto a forum for billiards enthusiasts and find a prolific poster who obviously knows a lot about the sport. Ask him if he would be willing to help you by writing some articles about billiards. If he declines, offer to pay him. If he still declines, move on to someone else.

    Using this technique, you can build an unlimited number of niche sites that contain quality material.
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      That's a pretty cool idea, Rob.
      You could even offer to pay them for time spent interviewing them and a final edit of the finished work for accuracy. That's even less work for them and you could set it up to use some of the audio clips in your site/product.

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    A lot of them are so passionate about the subject that they will do it for free. Of course, having their name on the site as an "expert" is a real kick for them too. So I wouldn't offer payment unless it was necessary.

    Since most of these people are not exactly Shakespeare, it's a good idea to hook up with an article writer and have them edit the content for you before it is published. This should be really cheap, like maybe $1 or $2 per article.
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      That a good point Rob which serves to emphasize what I am saying.

      Experts and enthusiasts will write better content.

      How did you know that I play billiards?
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    I agree with you that I can only write about what I am interested in. If I am not interested, not only could I not write about it, I could not make anybody else interested, that's for sure.

    But the suggestions here are pretty cool. Food for thought, thank you!
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