How long do you make your free ebooks gear for lead capture?

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I'm writing a new Ebook and it started to get a little lengthy consider the fact I'm actually having a lot of fun writing it. It will be for my membership site. People will download the book and eventually enroll into the full program. I'm starting to feel like I'm giving too much away which isn't be a bad thing cause it all about giving as much value away for free. Got me thinking how other are handling situations like this. Thanks
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    Here's something I learned during my brief trial-period with LeadPages...

    I didn't think this would work, but I tested it and it absolutely KILLED the previous eBook.

    GET YOUR FREE REPORT: The Top-3 Tools I Use To Train My Clients Dogs (literally ONE page!)



    And, it beat it by a mile.

    My recommendation is to come up with a simple 1 to 3 page report showcasing the top [x-number] of things you use to _______.

    Think about it, when you see a really awesome photo the first thing you ask the photographer is, "what kind of camera do you use?" as if that's the reason they're a great photographer.

    People want to know the equipment or tools or software you use to get your results because they think THAT'S the secret. After they find out it's not, they'll want to buy your step-by-step training.

    Not only that, but if you do it this way you won't be giving away too much of your actual training for free.

    For lead-capture I believe this is the best way to go.
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      Dead Rooster,

      Specificity. That's why one headline works so much better than another. "Broad" generalizations are everywhere so they return to the searcher too much needless information. People come online to find specifics . . . things that exactly address their problems and issues.

      When you look for a new pair of shoes to purchase online, you don't go to Google and search for "shoes." You look for "Size 10 Nike Downshifter running shoes."

      Your two examples are classic "too broad" and classic "specific."


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        You do not want to 'give away the farm' in the beginning. Give them a taste of what will come in future.

        I think keeping it short but very revealing is a good start.

        But do not make it too revealing. Just enough that will pique their curiosity and want more

        a.k.a UBI ( 'Useful but Incomplete')

        - Robert Andrew
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        Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

        Your two examples are classic "too broad" and classic "specific."

        I agree with this entirely.

        I think that his dog training ebook could have performed just as well if it read something like "How to Teach Your Golden Retriever 3 Awesome Tricks in 7 Days or Less".
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          Getting back to "for lead capture" of the OP, the answer is simply, you put in enough to get the lead.

          That means that your eBook should be written to close the reader on submitting their information in order to get more information that they desire.

          It is not really an issue of length, but an issue of satiation of wants. Providing value in some cases is vital, yet, in other niches, it may be overkill for your target market.

          So there can be no B/W answer. it depends on your niche, market and lead capture funnel.

          A simple way of thinking about this would be to tailor your ebook towards a "blueprint" type of engagement with your reader. This will help you provide periodic and strategically placed calls to action within the text to elicit the initiation of your sales / lead funnel.

          Another spin on the Dog training example mentioned above is to start in reverse order "Five of the Top Ten Best Tricks to Teach Your PitBull" and provide #10 - 6 leaving the remaining TOP 5 for them to read on your site after a lead capture page, of course.

          Another way is to add related but different information resources which they must sign up to your email list in order to get.

          So as long as you don't give away your main benefits in your eBook, length should only be determined by your target market's propensity for reading in this niche
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    If you boiled it all down, without any of the politically correct phoniness or the misunderstandings about sales ...

    What do you want your report to do?

    You want it to sell.


    So why are you measuring by page count?
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    Make every person opt into your newsletter\autoresponder. That way you can follow up with them anytime.

    I would put affiliate links inside every page that you have created. That way you can actually make money from your list.

    At the end of the day, you also want to make money from the subscribers that you will get.
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    If it's a lead capture book, I'd strip it down to the basics and focus more on the STORYTELLING aspect. People want to know 'What's in it for me?' Stories are crucial to this. Lead them, using EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS, to your call to action which sells the FULL BOOK or the AR series which upsells them to a variety of other products.

    Keep it Short and sweet

    Information overload leads to CONFUSION

    Indeed, your readers might even get the impression you don't know what you're talking about.

    Keep it short, punchy, to the point, and WORK THOSE STORIES!
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