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I go to University of British Columbia up here in Canada. I'm a pretty smart student and get above average grades in my commerce faculty there.

One thing I'm very disappointed however, after having finished my first year of school, is the my university doesn't have much to offer in the study of internet marketing. (I'm a marketing student)

I haven't gone through 2nd year and the more specialized courses of marketing yet but overall, I think university teaches a lot of theory that is not as practical when it comes plain down to making cash and becoming rich.

I was considering just learning web designing instead, and learning marketing on my own (I have a number of business gurus that I respect and learn from: Eban Pagan in get altitude, Frank Kern, mass control, stompernet seo, books like differentiate or die, etc etc) and wanted to get the opinion of you guys.

My main goal is that I"ll work as a web designer but while I"m doing that, I'll also be doing internet marketing on my own time and little by little I"ll automate things and quite a 9 to 5 formal job (I also like the book 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris)

What do you guys think?
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    I may not be qualified to advise you, but I can offer my own insights on this.

    A few semesters ago, I took an "advanced" web design school in my college. It was good, but not very relevant to Internet marketing. Basically, we learned how to use HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver to design sites. But it offered very little in even the most basic of Internet Marketing strategies, like the use of the title and meta tags.

    But you have to understand that the any course's syllabus is put together by academicians who may not have the benefit of a "modern" (i.e Internet) marketing perspective or experience. But if you focus on understanding what you are taught in school, you can easily marry it with what you learn online from other Internet Marketers and you will have an advantage over others.

    Sometimes, you might even get web design contracts through your faculty. Just let them know what you are up to. A lot of times, they draw a line between being "academically savvy" and being "cyber savvy."

    Plus, you have a whole demographic of potential JV partners, clients and customers right there in your college. Those are the consumers of today. You just have to look at the cup as being half-full, not half-empty.

    At least, that is what I think and do.

    I hope you arrive at the best decision.

    All the best.

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    A few years ago I met the instructor for the web design classes at a local community college, and he recommended a few recent graduates (of his advanced class) to me, since I was looking to hire another full-time web designer.

    It turned out, they could only hand-code (they had no working knowledge with any WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver, etc.) Sure, the coding was "pure", but when I'm paying somebody by the hour to do a job, I'll take the person who can do it 3 times as fast using software instead of starting from scratch.

    If you haven't checked it out, you should get a subscription to Lynda dot com and go through the web design video training, it'll give you more useful working knowledge than you'd get from any college classes IMO.
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      Originally Posted by alexa_s View Post

      I'm in a similar position to you. But I've done 2 years at university, and am not considering doing anything else "instead" and never was. Hard to see the upside in dropping out of university, really. You can always do all those other things a bit at a time and get them going on a bigger scale later. Probably not so easy to do that with your university course, I think?

      It's easy to imagine people 5 years later saying "I wish I'd finished university". It's not so easy to imagine people 5 years later saying "I wish I hadn't bothered finishing my degree", is it?
      You just spoke my mind!

      A lot of people around are "proud" of dropping (or being kicked) out of college. I tell those of my friends who would care to listen that, while school may not provide you with all the latest tools, you will always be a few steps up the ladder over your colleagues who never finished college.

      You get to network with people would be future clients, customers, JV partners, employees, industry movers and shakers and a whole lot more.

      It is a "dollar-worthy" to have CEO on your business card, but even more noble and fulfilling when you also have MBA, PhD, etc next to your name.

      Even it it is just for the simple (and noble) opportunity of being learned (and not just the "learn to earn" mentality), it is worth spending sometime studying and being able to sustain a discussion on many topics in the near future with your colleagues, friends, etc.

      But this is just my own life philosophy (which I strongly live by)

      I hope you make the best decision.

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    I see both sides on this. It depends on how much you value a College Diploma and what a diploma with get you when you're done. College is good for technical (php, sql, java, etc.) and graphic design when it comes to Internet Marketing - but 4 years is a long time. However, you can do the IM thing part time from your dorm room while you get you education and fill in where university is lacking. Many IMs are starting from their dorms. Nice thing is - you don't need a diploma to market on the internet.

    But college Marketing is not Internet Marketing. I haven't really seen any good Direct Marketing taught in college. I would expect that Internet Marketing is far into the future.

    College has its typical courses. Beyond that - colleges feed business trends - when 'business' demands certain skill sets, colleges create cirriculums to meet the demand from students to get those skills.

    This cycle has a delay of several years.

    When you talk internet marketing to me, to 'us' here - we get it. When you talk Internet Marketing outside of 'us' - they don't get it. Until Business 'gets it' na d 'needs it' - you won't see colleges providing 'it'.

    You may be best served by locating a direct marketing or internet marketing company (small or large) and go work for them. Join the people actually doing what you want to do. Sometimes, they are hard to find but they are out there. That's where you can get the skills to do what you want to do in internet marketing.

    Otherwise, stick around WF and learn, take some seminars, buy some courses - that will get you going but the 'education' in internet marketing come from DOING and finding what works. Or - from DOING and failing fast, learn from your mistakes, adjust your approach and re-DOING what you did until it works.

    Me? 10 years in Internet Marketing and I got a Masters in Information Systems back in 2005. I'm employed as a consultant for a software development company and the MIS, PMP, etc. allows me to make and charge more. I also enjoy learning and enjoy the process of schooling.

    Just some thoughts.

    ~H ** ** ** Don't waste your time Or time will waste you! ~MUSE
    Goal of $500 per day to quit day job! ** St. Louis Based Internet Warriors Meeting Up!

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    Yep you are right the university don't teach about making cash and becoming rich.
    Robert Kiyosaki talk about this "The University teach to be a good employed when your finishes your career."
    I am student marketing too. This is my last year on this career.
    I learn about IM for my own. I bought videos for adwords clickbank CPA etc.
    On this moment I'm planning my next proyect.
    I really like Internet Marketing. And this people in this forum are a genius.
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    i wanted to go in a graphic design school too.
    maybe just an online school
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    If you are looking for a certification of current internet marketing check out FullSail or WebCEO which offer training programs. Of course as you know Stompernet also offers a wide variety of training resources.
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