Which verticals do you think most 'super' affiliates are working?

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Always been interested in finding out exactly where the 'big dawgs' are making most of their money.

I know stuff like traffic sources and geos are closely guarded secrets, but how about which verticals are making these guys the most profit?

I'd guess stuff like insurance and health verticals, purely because the payouts are quite high?

Anyone else hazard a guess?
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    I don't think anyone here would be in a position to even hazard a guess.

    Niches are probably more guarded than traffic sources.
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      Also, something that works well for someone else may not work well for you. It somewhat depends on your skill set and your passions. For example, some people are great at the hard sell while others are better at the soft sell. Sometimes you need to try different things and find what works for you.
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    I'm what is considered a super affiliate, while I won't tell you what specific offers I run, I have no problem telling you the following.

    I heavily promote PPL (pay per lead) offers, as there is no credit card required to generate a conversion. Basically I generate leads, so all a user has to do is fill out a form in order to make money. Because it a free offer, conversion rates are typically much higher than offers that require a purchase.

    I favor offers that have some financial positioning...have a make, get or save money angle to them, this is what has overall worked best for me, as they tend to have the greatest mass appeal, so the potential to produce high volume exists.

    The bulk of the offers that I run on a front-end campaign pay between $20-$60 and on the back-end I have no problem running offers that pay less or even offers that require a sale.

    Keep in mind that to become a super affiliate, your ability to generate cost effective quality traffic is just as important as the offer, if not more. While I'm not going to say who my sources are, I will tell you that I basically cheat when if comes to generating traffic.

    I acquire data (email) and the reason why is that I'm able to build assets that I then own and can market to over and over at very low cost. Compared to what most marketers do, which is to buy traffic that usually just turns into a bunch of one-time clicks and then can't market additional offers to.

    Basically there are three levels of data that I use. Fresh/targeted in that I know what the users are interested in and I know there is a PPL offer that matches their interest. I generate real-time co-reg that I target specific ppl offers and I acquire aged data, which is a little more tricky.

    Basically I monetize data using PPL offers, because they offer the path of least resistance to generate conversions/$$$.

    I've been doing this for over 15 years and while some things have changed over the years, the basic principles/strategies remain the same. It really does work, everyone that I know that is in the business and know what they are doing, does 6-7 figures. While that's a huge range, a lot comes down to being able to scale and then effectively manage the infrastructure that comes with scaling.

    Hope that gives you something to thing about.
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    Anything in the Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Relationships, and even Political stuff are the big ticket items.

    I know a lot of people talk about getting into "micro-niches" but don't do that. There is almost no room to scale in micro-niches, even if you get it to work. Get into the bigger niches because that's where the money is.

    The biggest and fastest growing way to break into any of these niches is with mobile right now. Mobile is huge and it's growing larger everyday. The rules are not as strict as traditional advertising mediums which allows your average affiliate to excel. Any old school affiliate from 5-6+ years ago will know about the golden age of affiliate marketing where $10,000 a day was easy. It's that way right now with mobile.

    I'm close to breaking my own personal record of $10,000 in one day that was set in 2008. Mobile is the way to go and if you're new to the affiliate game, start with mobile right now.
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      Most likely the chocolate cheese cake niche.
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    Originally Posted by zpoll92 View Post

    Anyone else hazard a guess?
    Blenders or coffee makers


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    Health and Financial are the top niches that I see superaffiliates running, and Mobile is growing every single day and it's a goldmine if done right.
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    It really depends... I would recommend to be on the field which is the easiest to break through...

    Think about it like this:

    if you make $7 commission, that's $7 x10,000=$70,000
    if you make $50 commission, that's $50 x1,000=$50,000

    So, what you need to do is test... Try a few different niches.

    And then, see the response and pick the best one...
    It's counter intuitive but the numbers never lie...

    Good luck!

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    Super affiliates make most sales by their email list and sending emails to their buyers list. FACT!
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    A majority of the money made in the online are made within the 3 most popular industries which are: wealth, health and relationships. And within this 3 industries are niches that are broken down into sub-niches.

    For example, lose weight ==> weight loss for women ==> weight loss for women over 40.

    This is just an idea. But no marketer has any magical powers to know for certain which market is profitable. Every potential market has to be tested and validated.
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