will this business idea work?

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does anybody do this?
and is it working?

you get a dedicated server at hostgator. and then you offer free hosting to carefully chosen local companies.
say medium sized car dealers.
then you build them a site.
SEO it properly. do articles, hook up all the traffic stuff, and finally put together a very decent call to action on the site.
your free offer to them would be say for 4 months.
but within 4 months they would be getting traffic.
so then they should sign up for a monthly fee.
and then you get many.

where is the flaw in my system?
and what could you charge once it is running?

once it is running it could run with a small staff and not need your input.
say 3 people.
and an SEO guy

maybe it will take too long?
oh and the guys that pull out you will have to cut off their traffic.
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    Sounds good. Go out and try it. Let us know how it goes!
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      where is the flaw in my system?
      It might work - my concern would be if they are getting traffic for more than a month and haven't seen sales, they'll lose interest in paying for it.

      To an offline business "traffic" is people in the door or on the phone or buying. They might be impressed with internet traffic in 30 days - but 4 months might be too long.

      Try it with different business and different time frames and see what works.

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    One flaw is that hits on a website don't mean diddlysquat if you can't PROVE that people actually got off the internet and physically visited their business.
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    thanks guys.
    sooner or later i will try this.
    with a bit of control it could work well.
    Just good marketing advice - Business ideas
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    The good news is that you're willing to put your money where your mouth is.

    I've done similar with restaurants, car dealers, insurance companies. (I didn't do it for free but built the sites, sold the hosting, etc...)

    Consider adding an autoresponder to the site so that they can build their list by offering some sort of discount, voucher, coupon, etc ... (?). The voucher can be for whatever the dealership wants to use as an incentive.

    When the visitor fills out the capture form on the site, they get the voucher/coupon n their email.

    The visitor then brings the voucher/coupon in to the dealer.

    In the process, the dealership is getting targeted prospects they can follow up with AND they are able to see how many people bring in the voucher.

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    Yeah...It will work.
    I have tried same but usually i offer free website for everyone and they need to purchase my hosting plan.


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    I think this idea would work - but I agree with a few others about the time scale - to be honest I would charge for the site and traffic efforts as a package and then offer them the ongoing as a membership type deal - at least then if their niche is not internet friendly (and I wouldn't know with cars if it was or not to be honest) then at least you have gotten something for your initial work
    Like wise there is the perceived value theme - bricks and mortar businesses are used to paying for any form of promotion and may not give your idea the respect it deserves if you are trying to give them too much for nothing.

    Just my opinion Best of Luck
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      Sounds similar to the "Rent-a-Site" model which has been discussed by several warriors.

      Definitely can work. How you want to approach it in terms of what you charge will depend in part on what types of businesses you approach with the offer, and how you
      present the value of your services.

      Your best bet is to target niches where there is local competition. That way if your first client chooses not to continue, you can find alternate clients to take over and continue paying you for your efforts. Also builds in fear of loss for initial client. If they are seeing any results, they will not want to lose the website to one of their competitors.

      You need to make it clear in writing that you own the site, and they can use it only as long as they are paying.

      If you are going to be putting in any work on the front end without getting paid, you want to make sure that you have a way to monetize it even if your initial client decides not to continue.

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