Why am I in here? I should be...

by rapidscc 9 replies
working on my adsense minisite..

It's quite addicting here..I don't even logout anymore even when Im working.

Half of my working time is spent here..

But then I've had the most progress after I joined. Hmmm I guess its positive.

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    VERY addicting... sometimes it takes willpower to get away, I agree.
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    This place is very addicting!

    Mommy Enterprises
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    The first step is admitting you have a problem...
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      Setting a timer will do you good. On days where I am actually productive, I live by schedule and a stop watch computer program!
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    let me guess you came from Digital point forums LOL.

    dump the adsense and start building your own products
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    I should be writing articles. :p

    I've got everything up and ready. Just got...to...get...away.
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    Hey guys,

    Yes this place is very addictive, and it can cause some sort of intra-brainal-struggle (like my new phrase?) to get away from here, because there's obviously tons to learn and learning it's a good thing right?

    I find the best solution for me personally is to give myself strict time limits. So it may be finish the first draft of some copy or write some articles or whatever, then get to spend half hour here.

    It works out MUCH better than when I just used to stay logged in and reading stuff all day...

    Hope that's useful to someone

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    Smells like a hungry market.
    I will name my new project..........WF Anonymous
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    I come here when i have time off after finishing all my work.I make sure i fill up each days task and complete it before i even type the add in the browser.

    Know that once i come in, there is no turning back.. :-)

    used to spend hours after hours here until someone else told me that piece of advice. I wisened up :-p
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