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Has anyone here ever taught a class in Internet Marketing? I don't think I could teach much to you Warriors, but I think I could offer a fairly valuable "How to Get Started in Internet Marketing" type course at a community college or a Learning Annex type place. I guess there are a bunch of online schools as well, although I was thinking more of doing it "live". Anyway, anyone have any input or experience?
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    I ran a several month IM course for a university (for their marketing students)

    it was great fun and they loved it.

    Most 'normal' marketing education (like that provided by the CIM) is heavily b2c focused and they have no clue about outsourcing, jv's etc.

    If you can arrange it - I say go for it.


    nothing to see here.

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    There are actually a lot of newbie Warriors out here. They just tend to be quieter.
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    Noob here and yes I am some what quiet. =)
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