Using a Contract. Outsource information in a contract? help please:)

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Hey guys

Few quick questions

1. If you outsource, do you guys state that in your contracts?

2. Also, if you are using a company that allows you to brand the service they
own and use it, do you tell the custumer that or do you just state in the
"contact" that you use other services that are not your own?

3. Do u guys say that in your contract and how do u guys word that correctly in the "contract"?

Thanks guys for your help
Please only answer if you use a contact

Thanks again guys

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    1) In our clause we state that we reserve the right to use "outsourced" help in achieving the overall goal of your project.

    2) Just state it, we pay a company for their outsource work, they send us the work it is now in our copyright... we send it to the client

    3) In short...

    Any script or design developed for the Customer will become the property of the Customer upon payment in full. (Your Company) reserves the rights to use any script or programs it has created for the Customer in any other projects and developments (Your Company) undertakes without exception.
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    Thanks for the help LMC

    You said scripts and projects.

    But what if i use a companies system where they say u can use their systems and then Brand it your own company. I was wondering if i would
    include something to the effect of saying i am using another companies
    system to do things.

    I ask because it would not be a script.

    It would be for example if another biz would be collecting data and i would provide that info to the client as a service.

    How i would word that in a contract?

    Since another co is providing the data.

    Maybe you answered that before or i'm just misunderstanding?

    Thanks again for the help LMC

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