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Anyone teaching how to research and write blog content without plagiarizing my self?

For the life of me, I cannot get my head around this. I don't understand what it is that is holding me back or preventing me from understanding this but I'm sure someone here teaches this. Please point me to whomever!

Basically, what I am referring to is paraphrasing content. NOT copy n paste. I have searched the WSO's but cannot find anything there. Also, if anyone knows of any writing forums please direct me there.

Thank you, swtp43 (alex)
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    Write about things you know and understand so that you don't need to "copy" or "paraphrase" what others are saying.

    If you write your blog posts without having other people's work in front of you, it should come out in your own "voice." Be sure to give credit to other thinkers that you quote.

    It's fine to read, study, and ponder on others' work. But you must develop the ability to turn your thoughts and analysis into your own writing. If you can't do that, don't be a blogger. There are many other ways to express yourself and make money online.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Keep track of sources If you use information from someone else, note it down. Better yet, create a link to them while writing or include the link in your draft. That way you stay aware of what is your own scribblings and what is the writing of other people.

    Read more than one source The danger of plagiarism also looms when you limit yourself in your research. If you base all your ideas on one other piece of content, you easily run the danger of adhering to its structure, phrasing, and other identifiable characteristics. So, read broad and learn as much as you can.

    use copyscape- it will not only help you find your scraped content on the web, but their premium version also lets you check your own work for uniqueness and originality.
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      Kherk Roldan,
      Thanks for the feedback. I especially like the idea of creating and having my own swipe file.
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    In what way do you think you're able to provide more value than the guy you're stealing from?

    You may make a quick buck but I don't see whatever you're doing to be a long-term sustainable business, if you don't know your topic well enough to come up with unique content of your own. Come on.
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      How to create blog content 101...

      I write a lot, but I read far more. Magzster and Next Issue would be 2 services I would look at. ( I use magzster - but the choice should be made dependent on the niche you are focusing on )

      So the idea here is to read 2 3 or 4 articles on a given subject, takes notes, and re-write the content in your own words. You honestly don't need to use a service as above, you can simply web surf and do the same.

      The thing that I like about using the service and reading magazine articles is that they tend to be a bit more trendy by nature.. so they will lead your writing into a not so re-hash zone as you tend to find in most online writing.

      For me.. the time spent works out to about 30 minutes in research and MAYBE an hour writing. I tend to write 3 and 4 articles a day ( sometimes less - sometimes more )

      What I believe to be the greatest part about this process is the education itself. The more you read about a topic the more you know about it. The more you learn and know about a topic over time makes the writing aspect far easier - as well as creating a base of knowledge you can then share through social media and answering comments etc.

      Hope that Helps!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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        I always tell people to read good writing. And start researching sites that specialize in creating content like Copyblogger.

        It's a good place to start.

        Also, whatever topic you are writing about hopefully you can talk about your own trials and tribulations with that particular subject.

        - Robert Andrew

        Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      James McAllister
      Where in my post did you read anything about a quick buck or stealing content? I don't intend or want to steal anything. Your response is self serving at best.

      Maybe stealing is what you do and don't want anyone competing with you. I suppose that when when you began writing you were instantly the new Walter Winchell and did not have to ask questions for any form of guidance.

      Thanks anyway but if you can't give helpful comments why respond at all. I guess it makes you feel better than. You are the WIZ and no one is as good as you.
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        Originally Posted by swtp43 View Post

        James McAllister

        Thanks anyway but if you can't give helpful comments why respond at all.
        I respect your time so much that I don't want you to waste it.

        You never did answer the question - if you don't know your topic well enough to come up with unique content on it, what makes you think you're going to be able to compete with the person that does?

        Any money made will be short-lived, because you won't last if you don't know what the hell you're talking about. You think it won't show? It will be completely obvious to your audience. I see this daily, and guess what, those people aren't around 6 months later. Wonder why.

        Be my guest, but in time you will prove me right.
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    We produce several blog posts each day, here are some tips that may help:

    1. Use other material to trigger an IDEA - ask yourself "what question is the content you are reading/watching answering?" Then, quickly shift into asking yourself that question and jot down the answers. Many times I have come across content that has triggered ideas in my own mind that allows us to produce our own unique content. Make sure your answers are providing additional/different problem to have some overlap in terms of "ideas", but you really need to construct it in your voice, using your terms, and adding in a story or analogy of your own

    2. You can also merge a few ideas from 3-4 different pieces of content, take an "idea" from each and put them together into a valuable piece of content based on your own experience and knowledge

    3. Strive to do less reading/looking and more DOING -- try something, then write about it. That's the real key to valuable content. First-hand content from yourself or people you know is what you want to plan your future business around

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      You have gotten a lot of good suggestions here. I might add one thing that helps me is having a swipe file. I like to read articles in my niche and when I come across something that is good I bookmark it into my swipe file so I can come back to it for content ideas in the future.

      Nothing beats having a full swipe file in terms of taking the pressure off of what to write about in your own words when you need to update your blog with fresh content.
      Jeff Schuman - SEO Blog Writer For Hire! Buy affordable, SEO, quality, MMO niche blog articles. Fast turnaround.
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      I like your approach and I will definitely give it a go.
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      Jeff Schuman
      My bad! I gave credit to the wrong party for the swipe file idea. Thank you for that.
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  • The more you research, different source, the more unique content will be.

    Expand your horizons for your research

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    The main thing to remember is you are communicated to an audience who is searching for something (information, a solution, a product, entertainment, love, knowledge, etc...) and your job is communicating to them... Where to find that "answer"... But, if you don't know the answer yourself or where the solution is to match the need or want of your audience....

    You need to first conduct research, marketability, audience need, and procure the solution... By writing content that "compells" action on behalf of your reader...leading to that answer or part of the keep them engaged.

    In short, quoting others to add emphasis or strengthen your own writing, or to add credibility or prove your point is fine...

    But, if you are borrowing and idea or concept, with no knowledge of your own to back it... Maybe start of doing simple product reviews or operate as an "underground" affiliate... As you don't need expertise, credibilty, or to justify your theories, claims, or pre-disposed authoritive issues you are facing now...

    Always start with research...

    1.) Know the solution beforehand (where to lead potential buyers) - study the product or services benefits, rewards, etc...

    2.) Know the audiences interests, needs, wants, fears, aspirations, etc... (will they buy? Will they benefit from? Etc...)

    3.) Write in a manner that "compells" them to take a specific action or take you up on an offering...

    4.) Fine tune your writings to match that audiences responses... (comments, testimonials, needs, wants, problems, etc...) by tracking results ( opt-in rates, conversions, time on site, etc...)

    Everything you write should address a potential buyers need or want, and be delivered in "bite size" chunks leading to an action...

    Otherwise, your just an unpaid journalist writing for free!

    Start with a solution people need... Figure out who they are... Where they are... And lead them by communicating to their needs in a voice they can relate to or will respond to especially.

    If you are writing blind with no map for them to follow, you will steuggle to write good blog content... and your readers will stray to someone who can provide the "answers" they seek.
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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      Very good points. I will remember. Thanks.
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    I wouldn't try to write about stuff that I am inexperienced with.

    Paraphrasing is not copying and pasting but a way to try and capitalize off the hard work of an experienced blogger.

    There is no short cut to success even if you try to 'rewrite' what someone else already wrote.

    Blogging is not for everyone.

    However, if you insist on learning how to blog, there is no harm learning stuff by reading other bloggers content.

    Once you learn this stuff (not by trying to 'paraphrase'), it is absorbed in your memory and you begin to fill your own mind with content that you can in turn...create your own content.

    One more thing, James said you can not try and fool people.

    He's absolutely right.

    People will see right through your content (if it's not yours).

    We are all 'connected'.

    So in a nutshelll, learn stuff, understand it, then put your 'own' spin on it (your personality) and write from your heart.

    Hopes this helps.
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      Rory Singh
      I think I may have misspoke using the term paraphrasing. What I meant is exactly what you're eluding to. Read others content, learn and write my own spin on it. In other words, write from my own head and heart what I have learned in my own words. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Focus on specific questions about stuff you're familiar with

    This deepens your understanding

    The more you research, the closer you get to being an expert

    Also, focus on an angle most people in your niche don't focus on

    Try to provide an opposite perspective to conventional wisdom
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      Here’s how I do it and I’ve been writing online for years.:
      1. Find an applicable article.
      1. Copy the first paragraph or two.
      2. Paste into MSWord (or LibreOffice or whatever you use).
      3. Take out the main idea expressed in die copied text.
      4. And write it in your own words underneath.
      5. Don’t be scared to add a bit of your own here and there. Sometimes a story takes on a life of its own as you rewrite. Go with the flow
      6. Do the same with the rest of the paragraphs or switch to another source..
      7. Go bit by bit. It is not fast but it is original. You don’t even need Copyscape.
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    • Profile picture of the author swtp43

      Very good point. Will do as you say.
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    • Profile picture of the author swtp43

      Hadn't thought of that but I'll try it. Thanks!
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    It is always better to write something that you know or can understand without taking up topics that are too complex or technical to understand. It is better to have references from other websites and take ideas from it. But you should have your own analysis and research abilities which would help you convert your thoughts and ideas in to unique and relevant content within the blog posts.

    Furthermore, you can make use of tools such as Copyscape which would help you avoid plagiarism and copied content completely so that you will be able to create your own unique content.
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      If I'm not mistaken, what you are saying is to read other content from multiple sources and write it in my own words. That is basically what I am doing. I don't know of any other way to learn. I'm not copying or plegarizing anyones content and when needed I do give referrence and credit to the original author. Thanks for the feedback!
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    • Profile picture of the author swtp43

      Yes your reply has helped and I will contact you for the content source. Thanks!
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  • Originally Posted by swtp43 View Post

    Anyone teaching how to research and write blog content without plagiarizing my self?

    For the life of me, I cannot get my head around this. I don't understand what it is that is holding me back or preventing me from understanding this but I'm sure someone here teaches this. Please point me to whomever!

    Basically, what I am referring to is paraphrasing content. NOT copy n paste. I have searched the WSO's but cannot find anything there. Also, if anyone knows of any writing forums please direct me there.

    Thank you, swtp43 (alex)
    I know how you feel.

    Its important not to copy other peoples work because of the duplicate content penalty but if you read an article and you understand what you read then there's nothing stopping you from writing what you've learned from the article. I do that when I write articles about what I've learned from Neil Patel: 5 Lessons Learned from Neil Patel and his Quicksprout Blog

    Besides this there are other ways to get content for you blog. You will have to pay for it but the quality is great and you will save hours trying to generate content. PM if you want more information on where to get high quality content at a fraction of the cost guaranteed.

    Hope my contribution was valuable to you
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    You can use google trends and see what is happening in your market/niches. Then you can go to google search and search for information around this trend. Read and understand the information and the point that is being driven.

    Re write it in your own words with your own personality.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    • Profile picture of the author swtp43

      Thank you for your feedback. I have begun to do that exactly and as many have pointed out my knowledge in my niche is increasing.
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    You don’t need tens of thousands of views for a new piece of content to make a difference, but you should be aiming for at least a thousand, even when you’re just starting off.

    If you’re not getting many views on your content, something is wrong. (Patel)
    6-fig affiliate marketer since 2003
    Free coaching to your first $100 dollars. DM me now..
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    Keep up with current events. Blend them into your blog posts.
    Is your content stuck in the slow lane?
    Order high quality content from Content Lane!
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    I came to check on any new replies and noticed I had overlooked responding to your reply. Thanks for your input. I do like the idea of getting material or I better say, researching material from magazines. It does seem to be more complete and thorough in its coverage and the learning aspect is a big plus. Thanks again and my apologies for skipping you.
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