Is it necessary to put no follow in affiliate links?

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I have heard that Google assumes Amazon links are no follow, but other people say you have to add the no follow tag. Also, I have only heard that about Amazon. Does anyone know or have an opinion?
(Of course, we can't totally believe anything Google says but they usually say affiliate links are okay as long as there is meaningful content too, and they don't mention that you should do the no follow tag in what I've read.)
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    Yes, it is recommended to put nofllow, as it is spammy if you don't put nofollow to affiliate links. Google will think that your site is full of affiliate links and may get placed as spam site.

    My advice is to put nofollow to all affiliate links as there is no harm, which will do more good in a long run.
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    I would make them nofollow just to be safe! However, it's most likely no issue if you don't do it. Here is what Matt Cutts said on that issue in the past:

    "We handle the vast majority of affiliate stuff correctly because if it is a large enough affiliate network we know about it and we handle it on our side. Even though we handle I believe the vast majority of affiliate links appropriately if you are at all worried about it, I would go ahead and just add the nofollow."
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