How long did it take before you reached your target monthly income?

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Well we all know just how hard it can be to make a stable income on the internet. Not everybody will make it, because it takes tremendous effort and intelligence to make it through. I would like to know from all the fellow members here, how long did it take for you to make the kind of income you've always targeted?

The reason I ask, is not because I want to compare my experience with yours (I'm not even there yet), but I just want to know the experiences of the successful members here (however little). Of course I'm aware that experience varies. Thank you.
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    For me it took appr six months but this was back in 2004 or something. I started out by spamming the web with my lousy onepage adsense sites... Easy money.
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    for me each time i set a goal, i almost reached it and then i set a higher goal.
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      Almost 8 years and counting....personally, I do not believe you should have any "ceiling".

      Keep motivating yourself to set goals higher and higher

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    About a year more or less.

    Like you might hear a lot; I was at total rock bottom, then BOOM started making a steady profit.

    It's true. Think you work harder once you're only option to see it though to profit.

    Never sit still, once it does come.

    Anyone who says AM is less work and stress than a normal 9-5 is a liar!
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      It took me about 2 months. That includes the time it took me to learn and to find a niche that worked for me. I tried several different things when I first started.
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    Took me 2 months to get all set up with customers and 6 months to be making $15K a month but where this is going to be very different for you is for us back then about 5 yrs ago we did not have the road blocks you have now with Google .
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    It took me nearly 3 years ...To do anything online

    Back in 2011 when i joined IM ,I thought everything would be easy and i would make money just like that

    I never took any action during then ,and soon quit as i had burnt a lot of Money,,,,

    Then at the end of 2014 ,when i got into a job ,although it was a decent job ,it took a lot out of me ,It was really taxing and i felt really Miserable

    That was the biggest motivation for me tgo do something quickly and come out of it ,Finally met a mentor ,since then i have been different ,
    I take action and take full accountability .......

    Its been good since then ,,,but still there is so much to learn on a daily basis

    Strive to become better each day

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    I still have not reached the monthly income that would make me completely satisfied, even after nearly 7 years.

    It took me almost 2 years to be able to earn a monthly income to pay for all the groceries we buy each month. It was a good feeling to reach that goal.

    It took another year or 2 before I earned enough each month to pay for groceries monthly AND pay a monthly mortgage payment on a nice 2-BR apartment which is a 10 minute walk from the beach.

    It will probably be another 8 to 10 years before I earn enough to buy my first Lamborghini
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    • Totally agreed unfortunately.

      The 80/20 rule, 20% make 80% of the money online, the rest pick up scraps

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    It took me 7 years, started working online back in 2005 and I left my day job in 2012.
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