Do you always use the same type of sales copy?

by Jason Zalesky 5 replies
I was going through some PLR packages of mine and noticed one thing and that everyone seems to all have the same style sales page. A long drawn out page with quotes and benefits, graphics, etc.

My question is this just the standard and has anyone tried anything else? It just seems to me that it may make buyers stay away from sale pages that pretty much look the same.

This may just be me but I was curious what everyone thought about this.

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    Actually, yes - I always use basically the same style of sales copy.

    I guess it's because I pay for most of my traffic on my niche info products and I already have a sort of formula that I know will convert and earn me profits.

    I would love to test it against some other type of sales copy one day (when my kids are a bit older and I have more time on my hands)... any ideas on a more unique layout?
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    Not really sure what a better type of sales copy would be. Maybe a more interactive one with opening audio or something. I just keep seeing the same thing as if everyone took the same layout added their ecover graphics and put in some content with a buy now button.

    I guess if it works why change it but why not be more creative since everyone is doing this maybe people would be more likely to buy something that looks different and new.

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      This is an interesting question. I used to think that there must be a better type of sales copy, and tried to reinvent the wheel. But through many frustrating tests, I learned that there's a reason for using the same formula for sales letters - they work.

      I've learned it's no different than the rules for direct mail. Smarter people than me have spent many years working out the kinks and have figured out what really works.

      The good news is that there is a formula to follow. BTW, I've learned a lot about sales copy from Jim Edwards. He has a great way of explaining why the formula works.
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    Yes, precisely. The gurus all use the same formulistic sales letter for one reason - it works. Why spend hours and hours developing something new and unproven when the experts have already spent tens of thousands of dollars worth of man hours doing the testing for you?
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      Use the same principle AIDA Formula for your copy, but you don't have to make your sales letter look like everyone else's. You don't have to make it long and drawn out either. Short sales letters work as good as the longer ones in my opinion.
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