How to monetize my sites traffic?

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I've got a website that gets around 3k unique visitors on keywords such as "motivation, quotes" etc. This type of traffic is hard to monetize, any ideas on how I can start generating some income with it? Whats the best option for me here?
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    Have you thought about trying any types of affiliate opportunities? Go on Amazon for instance and you'll find almost 300,000 items when you search for the word motivation. If you look around enough, you should be able to find affiliate opportunities that fit and compliment your niche.

    Good luck.
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      you can monetize it with adsense, cpa offers, clickbank offers. One thing is are these visitors just browsing quotes etc? Are they searching anything specific? Might suggest to just start with adsense and simple cpa offers to start.

      You could also start a subscriber newsletter possibly where they sign up for daily quotes/motivation and start building a list that may be interested in amazon offers etc..
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    I would suggest you to Test Different Things Out!

    You can start with CPA Offers that you think might be interesting to your kind of audience. Monetize your site with banners and call to action with CPA offers, track everything and run this for a period of time (1 to 3 weeks or so) - and check your results.

    Then do the same with different affiliate offers, and you can even try with network marketing opportunities.

    Learning what would make you the most money with your traffic - is just a matter of Testing and Split Testing as much as possible - to find out what gets the best numbers (results).

    You should also start Capturing Emails. Start Building your own Email List!

    This is going to help you for the long run!

    Plus, most sales, always happen in the Follow Ups!!

    That is why Email Marketing is SOOO IMPORTANT!

    You will be leaving a lot of money on the table, if you do not Capture Leads so you can follow up with someone who might be interested in buying something - but for some reason did not go through with buying. You get what I mean?

    Some statistics say that only about 20% of people or even less, buy right away - the rest of the sales happen through Follow Up emails. So you definitely do not want to leave money on the table here!

    I hope this helps!

    Keep up the great work!
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    Sell them on your own self-improvement self-help books

    Hook them with a $1 booklet.

    Get them on your list.

    The rest is up to you.

    There are so many ways to monetize self-improvement it's Craaaazy-from online education to health and fitness to life coaching, etc etc.

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    Originally Posted by smolodoy View Post

    Whats the best option for me here?
    Build a list!

    That´s it..... no kidding here..

    Offer your visitors a free guide, ebook or something for their email..

    Ask any of the bigger IM:ers here and this is the answer they´ll give you..

    Build a list, build a relationship with your list and market your products.


    Money in the bank..
    Want me to show you my system for making over $100 per day?
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    Originally Posted by smolodoy View Post

    I've got a website that gets around 3k unique visitors on keywords such as "motivation, quotes" etc. This type of traffic is hard to monetize, any ideas on how I can start generating some income with it? Whats the best option for me here?
    If you really this amount visitor, you can earn a good amount of money by doing Adsense or, Affiliate program. It is really easy to do the Adsense, if the authority of the adsense approve your site. Thanks a lot.
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      I'm going to presume it's 3,000 visitors a month you have, not 3,000 a day. If you have 100 visitor per day, all cold, then you have two ways of looking at that traffic:

      1. Attempt to monitise them.
      2. Use them as a springboard to greater income.

      Given the niche and traffic levels, I'd go for the latter. Here's an idea for you:

      Put together a brilliant and irresistible freebie. Let's say a very short ebook called 'The Top 10 Motivational Movies You've Probably Never Seen Before'. Make the ebook polished, beautifully formatted, proofread. Give it away on your website with a popover. Let the opt-ins to your list mount for a few weeks. Engage with them a couple of times a week.

      In the meantime, put together a longer ebook (also in the motivation niche) for the Kindle marketplace. Include links to your homepage in the introductory pages.

      List the ebook on Kindle with a limited time giveaway period. Promote it at all the giveaway hubs. Most importantly, email your list - which may now run into the hundreds - and tell them your new ebook is currently free to download at Amazon. Ask them to leave reviews.

      With any luck, you'll not just see the ebook rank decently in Amazon and make you some coin, but you'll get more visitors to your site from the links within it (which in turn boosts your opt-in numbers, which then boosts the reviews you'll get your for you next Amazon ebook...)

      But that's just one idea. Think about what you're comfortable doing, what talents and resources you have, and what enterprise you'd like to see your website turn into. Then go about making it happen.
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    Some great suggestions here, thank you all!

    Definately building an email list is my top priority, thats what I'm working on.

    What do you guys think of running as publisher at buysellads or some other platform, is it worth it? I get around 210k monthly views.
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    • Information products, if people are looking for words like 'motivation quotes' they are probably interested in personal development/self help content.

      Check clickbank for these types of products, plus create a lead magnet to build a list

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    Hey Smolodoy,

    It looks like everyone agrees to build an email list. I have come across an article that has helped me out in building my email list. I hope it helps you out.

    21+ Ways To Build An Email List Of 42,183 In 1 Year

    (btw...this is not my site)

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    Even if people are just searching for motivational quotes there must be reason. They or someone around them must be in need of motivation.

    The best advice is obviously to build a list as many have said.

    It just depends how you can hook them into signing up. Need to find out what headlines will make them bite.

    Is it expert input - Motivation guru reveals secret method to....

    Is it results - Discover the amazing motivation technique that changed this guy from an underachiever to a superstar...

    Is it pain relief - Get out of that rut! One simple motivation technique that will give your life meaning!

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    You can use Google adsense or can use eBooks from Amazon

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    You can create a PDF Book And give the vistors the Gift ' the Pdf ' Book when he put his email adress

    I mean By that '' Build A list ''

    Because There is A Constant rule in The Internet Marketing Is: " Money In The List "

    So What You Are Waiting For , Build Your List Now !
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    Originally Posted by smolodoy View Post

    This type of traffic is hard to monetize . . . Whats the best option for me here?

    This is meant in all seriousness . . .

    Stop wasting your time with this site and spend it creating a site in a niche that you can monetize.

    Keep your present site, but don't spend more time on it. Try to forward all the traffic on exit to your new web site where you sell your own product.

    You are very right . . . "quotes" traffic is not what you want if you're trying to monetize. Cut that cord and get working on a new niche site.

    So build a site in a specific self development niche and focus all your efforts in building that site into a niche authority.

    The more you fool around within an unprofitable niche, the less time you will have to make real money in a real business.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Originally Posted by smolodoy View Post

    I've got a website that gets around 3k unique visitors on keywords such as "motivation, quotes" etc. This type of traffic is hard to monetize, any ideas on how I can start generating some income with it? Whats the best option for me here?
    list building is the name of the game, my friend
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    Put there some good ebook and adsense and let us know
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  • Originally Posted by smolodoy View Post

    I've got a website that gets around 3k unique visitors on keywords such as "motivation, quotes" etc. This type of traffic is hard to monetize, any ideas on how I can start generating some income with it? Whats the best option for me here?
    Hi smolodoy, have you thought about locking some of your higher quality content? There are some CPA companies that specializes in content locking. I use a company called CPA Lead to make money through content locking.

    I'm sure you have a niche related PDF that you're already giving out to your mailing list or to your website visitors. With CPA Lead you can lock the download link for the PDF and make some extra money when someone downloads the PDF.
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      As most have already said. Build a list.
      AdSense may also be an option as that volume of visitors (assuming they are real visitors) will almost certainly give you some revenue there.

      Remember that building your list is only one half of the equation. You will need to monetize that list and (depending on your strategy) keep your list engaged.

      If the list ids in the motivational niche you may find that offering solo mailing can be profitable as there are always people in that niche looking for traffic.

      If you do build a list let me know as I may have people looking for solos or similar.

      If you are building a list with a giveaway I don't see how you can then lock that freebie behind a CPA offer without really annoying your visitors.

      If you get their email you can send them to a dozen cpa offers anyway.

      good luck
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    Originally Posted by smolodoy View Post

    ...This type of traffic is hard to monetize...
    Why make life hard?

    You should sell or use adsense/affiliate products to people in an extremely smaller niche than "personal development". You think you gonna out-do Tony Robbins, Nightengale Conant, Les Fields, etc?

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    I guess everyone has said to build a list and figure out what to offer your subscribers.

    (Giveaway Events are great for this in addition to all the great advice others have already given).

    Definitely check out the blog post that Ben Adkins linked to in his reply above.

    Yea, that's all a great way to go b/c the money is definitely in the LIST.

    Then, make sure to ask people what exactly they want from you. Ask them in an email, ask them on your blog, etc. That will start giving you an idea of what to sell them. It could include affiliate products from the big guys in Personal Development or your own products, and even your own coaching program (1 on 1... or group coaching).

    Ask people what they want, then find a way to give it to them.
    ...==> [GET FREE ACCESS]... "My 3 List Building Machines" shows you exactly what I do to "build a massive email list" of highly targeted, hungry and responsive subscribers... eager to buy your products and services, over and over again.
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