Adding an additional freebie/bonus to a 'thank you' page if they forward to 2 friends, to get leads

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I was reading an article which suggested that after giving away a freebie/incentive to get people to opt into your list, you should also offer an additional freebie on the 'thank you' page if the person forwards the offer to 2 friends. Here's a snippet from the article:

Some of you might have seen marketers offering a freebie and additional freebie bonuses ‘if you forward this to 2 friends’ in the thank you/download pages. There are wordpress plugins that do this sort of setup, all you have to do is to plug the script into your client’s thank you page for the opt-in, and offer a printable discount or freebie coupon which they can access in the next thank you page after forwarding the original deal to 2 friends or family members. This sort of stuff goes viral quick, and you will acquire an exponentially growing list of fresh new leads if you implement this campaign

I have some questions about this:

1) How would you forward the offer on to 2 friends? Would there be 2 boxes on the 'thank you' page that you have to enter your 2 friends email addresses?

2) What happens when the friends receive the offer, do they get the first free offer when they opt in, and the 2nd when they enter 2 friends' emails?

3) How would you get this to go viral? I presume the offer of forwarding to 2 friends would have to be done via social media to go viral, if so how can this be done on social media, would I just put link on Facebook to the opt in page?

I like the sound of this concept, but am just not quite sure how it would work in practice and how I can set it up easily, so can anyone explain how it works, thanks. Has anyone here done this, and is it effective?
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    Sorry to say but here is where this all falls down SPAM , you can not email a person who has not given you permission to do so.

    In the offline world It is called prospecting a prospect , but try this online and you will get slammed.

    So in saying that I would have responer email as soon as the buyer clicks download link you email them the link with the promise of more or 50% off the net product if they

    A asked their mates ok to pass on email
    B follow through with what ever the deal is

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    You need to check out a product called "Up Viral" by Wilco De Kreij
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    I heard recently a company gave away a tee-shirt to every new subscriber - with their company brand burnt in of course They are now richer than Bill Gates, apparently.

    Another gave away an orange peeler, well why not if you can get them from China for cents?


    "Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache" (Mae West)

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      There are web scripts that can help you accomplish this.

      The way you will set it up depends on what platforms/software you are using.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Suppose you are giving away an ebook about say; "Listbuilding and Lead Generation Techniques"...

    What you can do, is include (and encourage) "Give-a-Way Rights" to your ebook.

    Now, take it one step further...

    When you deliver the ebook file, you can include several things;

    ° A complete index.html landing page complete with images, web opt-in form, header/footer graphics, etc...

    ° An instructional "set up" video as to how to set up the "squeeze page" - upload anddownload files, etc...

    ° If your "freebie" includes links to say an "paid offer" - then allow users to "brand" the report or ebook with their affiliate link, include another instructional video showing "how to" set that up (basically your recruiting affiliates)...

    ° Use the "freebie" to not only teach prospects "how to build a list" but encourage them to use your package to do it!

    Then, when they "Give-it-Away" to "build their list" - you get traffic through your website links inside the ebook or report...

    Plus, those who do "Give-a-Way" the ebook or product, now have received great value, and benefit by "building their own list" - learning to set everything up, and if they brand their package with their affiliate link to the "upsell" - they not only make money earning commissions... They are reciprocating and generating income for you.

    It's a complex, yet ethical approach I've seen used on more than one occassion.

    As far as the "refer a friend scripts" - never been a fan of asking others to do my work, without reward... Or without giving them having "incentives" to do so.

    Just a thought for anyone "sincere" in giving more away to build trust, credibility, and ultimately... Make you look like a rock star marketing genius.

    Question is; "How many people know how to actually build such a funnel?"

    My guess, not too many get that far.
    Coming Soon... *Laser Targeted Lead Generation Services
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