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If you're an amazon affiliate and you built a micro niche site related to these products and have reviews on them, I as a visitor may browse and read your reviews but I may just click out of your page go straight to Amazon and buy the products myself. How do you deal with this? I know I always do this a lot. I would google reviews but I always buy from Amazon. Not from the site where I got the reviews from. I think it's harder to get buyers this way. I mean, they can just go Amazon and buy it. So have you ever think about being Amazon?
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    I would google reviews but I always buy from Amazon. Not from the site where I got the reviews from.
    I've personally never understood why people build these types of sites. I think it's mostly because it was "taught" as a method by so many, and so many others bought into the idea. I see a lot of people online who are driving free traffic to Amazon every day.

    The short answer is don't become one of them.
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      Being an amazon affiliate may be a good way to add some additional monetization to a blog or site that already gets a lot of traffic. Getting quality traffic that leads to conversions is the ultimate goal.
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    Brian Clark of Copyblogger talked about the same problem and even admitted doing that himself...even if the review gave him everything he wanted to know to make a buying decision, he'd always look up the product name on Amazon and buy it, instead of clicking the affiliate button or link.

    It's going to happen. Nothing you can do about that. The type of buyers who won't do it are the impulsive/impatient type who want to get to the Amazon page as quickly as possible and clicking your link/button is the fastest way to get there.

    But yeah, I agree with Brent. Better ways to make money online, imo, than Amazon. And yeah, I know - there are people "killing it" as Amazon affiliates, but I think you need a lot of traffic to do that. You won't get a lot of traffic with a micro-niche site.
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