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Hello Warriors,

I am newbie in IM. However, I have been running internet business for 6 years now(not really knowing that IM exists!). I also have new store (6 months) and plan to open second store. I also wanted to try publishing my own ebooks and try affiliate business.

Could you help me by answering few questions? It's a bit long so thanks in advance for effort. I am sure it can help not only me but all folks that are newbies "waiting in line".

1. Where to buy domains cheap?

2. Where to host? I have Host9 account

3. Which service to use - ClicBank, paydotcom or other?

4. What is the average conversion rate for industry? What % of visiting my website/store/sales page should buy anything?

5. Which autoresponder for high volume lists?

6. Do you believe selling affiliate products can still bring money? For me it looks like this market is so "full" that one has to bring a lot of effort to earn a bit.($500 month)

7. This one is hard. I know that it depends on many factors...but what kind of monthly profit (average) newbie can expect, considering he has learned basics of IM(masscontrol and other programs) and can spend 3-4 hours daily?

8. Do you know people that earn 'serious' money on IM($5-$10K monthly)? I am not talking about people like Frank Kern etc but regular people.

9. Do you think there is still potential in this market to earn serious money? Sometimes I have a feeling that guys like Eban Pagan Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime jumped that wagon in right moment and now there is no more room for any new "millionares". What you think of that?

10. Sales page or squeezepage? I am lunching soon my ebook-which I consider to have great content(I know..for marketers only traffic counts but I am a bit old fashioned ). I am not sure if I should make sales page or only collect their emails and sell them ebook via email list. I have a very good experience with lists as I used it in my previous business-I like to build trust and make people feel like I am worth of trust.

Which technique you like the best? Or maybe we can combine them? Is it smart to make sales page and add there also option "put your email and download first chapter for free"? Will I not get rid off potential buyers this way?

again, thanks a lot for your time.
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    1. or
    2. I'd recommend Hostgator
    3. Clickbank is the largest and I personally use it and so do most of the IMer's here
    4. Depends on lots of factors such as sales letter, quality of traffic, price of product etc
    5. Aweber
    6. It sure can.
    7. With 3-4 hours daily dedicated towards promotion, I'd say around $1K or $2K tops
    8. Yep Yep. Have a couple of friends who work full time IM
    9. Not sure about "new millionaires" stuff but it sure will work if you do it correctly.
    10. Why not both of them. Create a sales pages and add a DHTML popup for opt-in. That's what I do and works perfectly awesome

    As for technique, they all are time dependent. You need to take action at the right time. Giving away something free or first page only increases your buyers trust. Not everyone is a scammer.
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    Man, quite a few questions but sure, I'll give 'em a shot ;-)

    #1: GoDaddy. If you go to, they apply a discount code so you only pay $7.49

    #2: That's a tough one. I personally use 1and1 & have had only 1 issue in the 8 months I've been with them. However, I've heard great things about Bluehost, The Planet, Rackspace and a few others. Just do your due-dilligence ahead of time to find one that's right for you.

    #3: Definitely Clickbank. 'Nuff said.

    #4: Average conversion rate? I can't be certain but I'd say around 2-5%. Seems very low but remember, with affiliates promoting your stuff, not always the right targeted consumers will land on your site. If you really put in the effort and make a kick ass product and sales page, you can bring that number up big time.

    #5: Your top 3 choices are probably Aweber, GetResponse or iContact. Again, look them over to find the best for you.

    #6: YES, affiliate products STILL bring money. Don't let all the competition get to your head as millions are and will still be made.

    #7: Hmmm. 3-4 hours/daily, putting in consistent effort and action, I'd say several hundred starting out to several thousand and beyond after. It's really hard to say. You could make a lot or nothing at all. It all depends on the knowledge you implement and what kind of value you bring to the table.

    #8: Yes, I know people who are bring in much, much more than that ($20,000+) who aren't a guru or famous IM'er.

    #9: There is still potential in this market to make serious money. Again, don't let all the competition get to your head. If you can create a truly valuable product and market effectively, you can make things happen.

    #10: I would do both. On your salespage, have an optin form. If people don't buy the product, there's a good chance they'll optin to your email list and there you'll be able to build more trust, give them a sample of your product, and then of course sell them your product!
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      Originally Posted by mikestenger View Post

      #10: I would do both. On your salespage, have an optin form. If people don't buy the product, there's a good chance they'll optin to your email list and there you'll be able to build more trust, give them a sample of your product, and then of course sell them your product!
      Keep adding your answers people! Thanks a lot! In meantime - I want to comment on this. But isn't there a risk that people who opt in may be few of those that would buy product in first place if there was no opt-in? Am I clear on this? I mean - people who could buy NOW will opt-in...not all of them but many. So why postpone purchase decision if it can be made now? So maybe it would be just better to use opt-in? Do you get me? Its a bit like saying "my product is great believe me!"(sales part) - "ok, it's not that good, you better first read teaser or first chapter"(opt-in).

      Maybe it would be better to make separate lending page for opt in? Like ""?

      As to my other questions - thanks a lot people and keep adding answers! Your all answers are very valuable - not only for me.
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        Anyone else want to answer this thread plz?

        Sorry for bumping but it went so low and I need few more answers...I am sure it will help not only me.
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    I use the following: godaddy for domains, bluehost for hosting, aweber for email lists.

    I recommend a squeeze page to get people on your list, and then sell to them.
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