Which paid methods can I use to directly get traffic to my squeeze page?

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When I was using Adwords back in 2007-2010, they started to "slap" ads that lead to a landing page with thin content such as squeeze page. I have not used Adwords since then but I assume it remains strict on thin content pages. (I changed my marketing to SEO.)

For my new project I want to test my squeeze page and since it takes some time to get organic traffic, I am wondering what other paid methods I can use to direct traffic to my squeeze page.

Do some other PPC or online ads providers (e.g. Facebook ads) allow you to link directly to a squeeze page? Any other effective paid ads/paid methods?

I know there are other free methods (e.g. using youtube, blogging/writing articles etc. ) but it would take some time before I get enough volume of traffic to test the conversion of my squeeze page and I'm trying to find a way(if any) to get large volume of traffic in a short period of time by paying money before I start doing other free and (relatively) time consuming methods.

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    Bing paid ads allow squeeze pages
    They Say You Can't...Show Them How
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      Bing paid ads allow squeeze pages
      I used Bing Paid Ads to send traffic to my squeeze pages. The only problem I have with Bing Ads is the number of hits you get on a daily basis. Its not that much.

      Since then I've been using Revenue Sharing sites to promote my squeeze pages. Besides the traffic I'm getting from these sites I'm also getting paid by them because of their revenue sharing options.

      PM me if you want more information on how to generate targeted traffic to your websites
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    Hi, if you are not concerned about the quality of traffic and are just concerned about volume of hits then there are several ad revenue sharing websites you can use to advertise. You can also advertise on FB groups. By the way the quality of traffic also depends on what project you're advertising to what traffic...in short targeted traffic. So, these may convert as well.

    Wish u luck
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    Thank you guys
    Yes, quality matters to some extent.
    I wouldn't want anything that just sends traffic that has no interest at all in my niche or ads. But it does not have to be really targeted as PPC. In other words, if they see my ads randomly on random sites but get interested and they choose to click it, it's OK.
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    get your squeeze page ads in front of millions of people using affordable ad networks like
    bidvertiser, adsrapidmoney,adclickmedia and get your list filled up faster...
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      I will second that about Bing. They seem pretty relaxed and permissive compared to Adwords with their editorial guidelines.
      And costs are very reasonable

      - Robert Andrew
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    There's quite a few paid methods. PPC (Facebook, Bing), PPV, solo ads, boost posts on FB pages.
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    Honest to God I have had much more success using Bing Ads than Adwords. My niche in directed towards healthcare which means my CPC is going to likely be much higher in Adwords as well as Bing Ads. My Bing Ads difference is about five dollars per click versus Adwords and I still have a great CTR and visitor retention when visiting my website.

    My point - Use Bing Ads.
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    Thank you for all the answers. I really appreciate all of them. Seems like Bing is a great choice so I just pressed "thanks" to everyone who specifically suggested it, but I appreciate all the input. Thank you again.
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      Originally Posted by ikuret75 View Post

      Thank you for all the answers. I really appreciate all of them. Seems like Bing is a great choice so I just pressed "thanks" to everyone who specifically suggested it, but I appreciate all the input. Thank you again.
      Another +1 for Bing here. Bing has been a really good way for me to get my feet wet in PPC. I wanted an option that got focused traffic, and that wasn't as expensive as Adwords.

      There are a lot of people making money on Bing, and it's a great option for just getting started.
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    You have a lot of options:

    1) PPC

    2) Facebook ads

    3) Affiliate program

    4) Advertising on non-competitive sites in your niche

    5) Joint ventures

    6) Solo ads
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    You can also start a video marketing campaign via. You Tube...this is a bit of a slow and steady approach but traffic will really add up before you know it.

    I knew someone who had roughly 100 You Tube channels with 7 videos in each account. Each video targeted a different MLM program, selling an advertising service for a $20 monthly fee. As far as I could tell, he did very well with this marketing tactic.
    “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    Hi. You have several options here, I saw some awesome ones in the replies!

    But in my opinion solo ads is your best one.

    Solo ads is when you pay another marketer a fee for sending out an email (your ad) to thier list.

    In my opinion, solo ads is the best option you have because your goal is to build an email list, right?

    Well the traffic that you will be getting form your solo ads is coming for another marketers list.

    Thoes people have already proven that they are willing to subscribe to an email list because they come form one to you.

    Most of the time you will find that your optin rate will be higher with solo ad traffic than with any other paid method.

    Be ware of solo ad scams! Do your research and due diligence before investing in solo ads.

    You can learn more about solo ads by browsing the WarriorForum!

    Hope that help!

    Mike Vietri
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    It really depends on what market you are in, some markets and niches will convert better with Facebook PPC, as opposed to Bing PPC and the other way around.

    Solo ads are great for certain markets, direct mail etc...

    I love solo ads, and direct mail, but I also am a proud opportunity marketer becasue how well it has treated me over the last 9 years... But its really tough to give you a definitive plan, not knowing what market you are in.
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    Thank you everyone again.
    As some of you mentioned the effectiveness of each ads must depend on a niche as well. At this point I wanted to know the options rather than knowing what would be a good plan(s) for me so I'm happy with all of your suggestions.
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    Solo ads is one of the effective ways to promoting landing page because it is a very targetted traffic generation method and instant. For example, if you are promoting health product, you can look for solo ads seller in your niche to send your landing page to their list of contacts.
    Mobile App For Income Click here to earn through mobile app industry
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    1. Use Promobrite and forget getting leads on your own.
    2. Pay FB ads, if you have enough money.

    Personally, I use the option #1

    Good luck
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    so why have Google banned squeeze pages? This is what i hate about them..they wake up and say "ok..from today this is out.."

    I get told you have to make your site an "authority, you have to educate your buyers..." what a load of B*S* It's not what I am about and when i used to put great information out there it was ripped off left right and centre. Never again.

    I've given Google/SEO the big heave ho! Not interested in dancing to their tune

    Huge profits in lower priced, micro cap, momentum stocks

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    OK be honest is that your site? Affiliated with them? Can you share any real results with us?

    1. Use Promobrite and forget getting leads on your own.

    Huge profits in lower priced, micro cap, momentum stocks

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      Hi Jim,

      I signed up for promobrite about a month ago. So far zero results. I will keep you posted.

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    solo ads, banners, affiliates, JV'ers....I left SEO about 7 years ago.

    Huge profits in lower priced, micro cap, momentum stocks

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    You can use re-targeting pixles that way those who click through will continue to see ad's on other sites. Most people leave w/o buying. Email capture is essential and that sounds like your plan. Yet the ones you lose may come back after they see the ad a few times.
    Kindle Success w/o writing Kindle Wealth Formula
    Social Search Mastery Social Wealth Formula
    and Top SEO BrandSEO
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    Google Adwords suggestion tool deliver best but use only if you have enough experience.If you are new or trying then Bing would be a way to go.
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    So, there are Facebook ads, and Solo ads which is basically where someome mails there list telling about you. In my opinion solo ads are the way to go OR use free traffic. There are some really powerful methods out there!
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    Other than Google Adwords, you can try out Bing Ads or Yahoo Ads, though I am not aware whether they link to squeeze pages or not...


    Chintan Mehta

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    Everyone is saying bing. I actually made my first 'cold market' sale online through bing (microsoft ads back then in 2006). 75 cents helped me make a $500 sale that netted me only $50 (10% profit).

    My first big sale $700 profit ($1,500 Gross) came from Google Adwords in 2007 when they allowed us to link directly to lead capture pages.

    That 75 cents was for one click that created one lead. This wasn't just an email lead. It was actually a phone number lead.

    I had to call this person up on the phone and have a quick conversation which led to the sale.

    When I called her, she was actually still on my website reviewing information.

    Anyway, I was impressed to say the least.

    However, nowadays PPC is really expensive.

    Depending on the niche, bing can cost anywhere from $1, 5 and even higher than that just for 'one' click.

    And if your lead capture page is converting at 10% (at least), then you will need at least 10 clicks for just one lead.

    Can you imagine someone paying $5 per click?
    That would work out to at least $50 per lead (not even a sale yet).

    I saw someone recommending solo ads, this may be more 'cost effective'.

    What ever you decide to do, make sure to go slow and take baby steps. Paid Advertising still requires a great learning curve (and money to test the waters).
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    Bing Ads is quite easy. Its easy to set up and run. The Bing Ads Intelligence also seems a great platform. Their keyword suggestion tool runs really quick.
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    Bing and solo ads. Both are effective and I had a lot of success using both.
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    Solo Ads, but be careful with any that you purchase. Do your research before you buy!

    Moderator's Note: Affiliate link in signature not allowed

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    For PPC, Bing and 7search.. (Facebook is really cracking down on pages that collect emails)
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