Recommend a Good Domain Certification Service?

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Hi folks,

Can someone recommend a good domain certification service with a valuation and a trademark verification?

It must be a manual service. I understand many companies use scripts for the appraisal service. This is not acceptable. I need a service that verifies possible trademark infringement.

Please note I have no experience in buying and selling domains.

I had a really good offer on a domain I own (perhaps it's even too good to be true!) but I have a couple red flags on the offer. One of the red flags is directing me to a particular site to get the above done. The site is called domain words dot net. Perhaps I'm over-reacting but the site doesn't strike me as overly professional. Also I'm worried that this particular person is just trying to increase revenue to a site they are affiliated with I.e I will get the valuation done and then no further formal offer will be made.


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    This is a classic scam. Don't even respond to the person who made the fake offer.
    Do a google search and see thousands of results for this same scam that has been going on for years.
    Btw, that fake domain appraiser you listed is located in the Ukraine with a private registration.
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      You are told that you must use a particular service to "certify" your domain. Often that service costs $100-$300 per domain.

      Then when you go to sell the domain, all of a sudden, the buyer is no longer interested.

      You're left with a $300 purchase that is useless garbage and no buyer for your domain.

      Usually the original "buyer" also owns (or get a commission from) the certification site - it's how this scam makes money for the perpetrator.

      Don't fall victim for this foolishness.


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