What was your biggest IM mistake that turned out positively?

by mzonas
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Hi, I was debating whether to put this thread here or on "Mind Warriors" section. Since it is about internet marketing, I'll leave it here.

My biggest mistake? Turning down a $2,000 / mo SEO client. How did this turn out posivitely? A few weeks later I found out that he was a fraud and he tends to chargeback monies. While he would have had a big battle to chargeback from me, I still believe that this actually saved a lot of time and nerves on my end.

I just wanted to say this: if your gut feeling tells you something is wrong, it usually is. That guy seemed dodgy from the start anyway but you know, money moves world.

What is your biggest mistake that turned out positively?
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    I know this isn't the exact answer you are looking for, though every mistake I have made has turned out positively by allowing me to learn from it.

    Making mistakes in business is fine, as long as you learn and progress.
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    For me it was 10+ years of buying crap internet marketing courses.

    Listening to so-called gurus. Spending a small fortune on materials that I am embarrassed to admit.

    Turned out for the best as eventually I became extremely cynical about all things IM and the gurus. Gave it all up and cursed them all, loudly to anyone who would listen. By chance found ecommerce and immediately made an impact.

    Now have a 6 figure a month ecommerce business, and growing.

    Good luck with your venture.
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    I made a lot of internet marketing mistake but all those mistake became positives as long as I was willing not to repeat them and keep trying.
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    My biggest mistake was not having backend products to sell. I would sell an ebook for $19... then use that money to buy a BIG hamburger meal at Wendy's. Real talk. Plus not to mention the fact I had no other product to sell someone who bought from me.

    Now I'm on a diet. A money diet. All the money my biz makes goes straight back into the business. I'm smarter now with my money earned, and I spend it in places online where it will only continue to make me more money.
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    One time when working with ppv traffic, I did a massive url scrape from google but didn't check the results too well.. i ended up with something silly like http, it ran up a few thousand dollars worth of charges in a matter of seconds and took my ppv account into a negative balance which i needed to pay.

    I guess the positive is I learned to double check anytime I scrape urls or do automated tasks.
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    My biggest IM mistake so far for me was setting up a site that had many visitors, and I left on the back-burner doing nothing with. I am now re-working on that site/domain and feel that I have come full circle.....but the site will be better and once I regain visitors then I will be more appreciative and productive with them
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    every mistake turn positively sooner or later , once I read "Success it going from failure to failure and stand up every time and keep going"
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