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Hiya my names Mike, I have just started my adventure into affiliate marketing. I was wondering if we could start a list of resources. Alliformia is a great site with free resources. Anyone know any more they would like to share? Like any affiliate experts who have you tube channels? Thanks guys 😀
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      You should familiarize yourself with the search function. There are thousands of threads here on this very subject.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I agree with Steve above me, make sure to use the search function. There's plenty of good information here on the Warrior Forum you can sift through.

    Anyways this site has a lot of good resources to go through as well:
    1 Giant List of Affiliate Marketing Resources – Finch Sells
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    Thanks guys. I have followed Steves advice and used the search function. yeah onelfri, I would love to check out the blog once it's complete
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  • Steve Browne is right, check out some of the threads relating to your question. One of my all time favorite affiliate marketers is Yaro Starak. Great guy and the advice he gives is always sound.
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    Search here there are tons of useful posts also just type in google terms like "best affiliate forums" and so on nothing was killed because of little googling... or it was? idk...
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      I did post a pretty useful info, but it was deleted by our MODS, may I had posted something wrong,

      I started in o eleven, and was searching only for free information, I never made myself accountable for anything. Yes it is free, let's us take the action tomorrow, btw there is no tomorrow, I wish I had known these things earlier, and had myself accounted for my in action

      , now I feel it's better to spend a few bucks and be accountable for it, no body really cares about the free stuff, and it is pretty sad to say,but it is true.. And we keep on asking the same stuff, and never bother to use the search function
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    you can also check
    digiresults and payzeno, clickbetter affiliate networks too..
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    You should get familiar with:

    - Affiliate networks
    - Affiliate marketing blogs
    - Affiliate marketing knowledge
    - Strategies about affiliate marketing on this forum
    - The search function on this forum... you'd be amazed by posts from 3 years ago that still work today, and will work for a long time to come.
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    Thanks for all the info guys. Hope you have had a nice festive break. Mike
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    If you're new to affiliate marketing then I recommend you to firstly read books like Affiliate Masters Course by Ken Evoy. That's an old book about affiliate marketing, but in my opinion one of the best when it comes to understanding basics and how things in AM work...

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