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I stumbled upon this and hope it will be of some use to you Warriors.

surchur.com is called "the dashboard to right now" it aggregates information from Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Twitter Trends, Technorati, bing, and CNN Popular. It categorizes the levels from surchur, blogosphere, and twitter and then assigns them popularity numbers.

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    this looks really potent...

    definitely something i will be using in the near future


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    thanks for sharing

    I've always loved new source
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    Excellent find; thanks for sharing!
    Darrel Hawes - Blog
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    Good stuff!
    Thanks for sharing with us

    yes, I am....

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    This is awesome. I have looked for something like this a number of times and never found it. Thank you for sharing.

    Tim Pears

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      That was great, thanks for sharing it.
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    another place for data on trends would be hitwise.com

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    This is an excellent share. Thank you.
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    Sweeeeeeet find! Dont know why I havent heard much about this until now.
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    Very nice looking site, thanks for the tip!
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    Well done!

    Excellent find! I will sure bookmark it!

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  • Interesting how a topic can be hot one place and not another. I tend to stick to Google because they have so many users.
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    That looks like a very useful tool, thanks!

    Now all I need is one that can *predict* future hot trends.
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      Wow, that is a great find. Thanks so much for sharing, I've been using igoogle.com & tried out bing but nothing like this that has so much connected. Every day how much info there is out there amazes me...
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        My personal opinion of this site is that it's too generic and thus not really
        useful enough if you're looking for specific keyword phrases to target.

        For example, right now, District 9 is very hot, but what specifically about
        it is hot?

        Are people looking for District 9 trailers, movie times, cast, what?

        Google Trends gives you the specific phrase that people are looking up,
        which is a lot more useful for targeting low competition keywords.

        Sure, Surchur is fine for getting a "general" idea of what's hot right now,
        and certainly if you see something that's brand new, like a technology or a
        new product, that in itself can be fairly useful, but for specific keywords to
        target, it's not a practical service...just a good starting point.

        What I do like is that it includes multiple sources.

        On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 6.
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    I agree with Steven, nice tool, but I prefer GG trends. Surchuris nice to get info on what's hot in general, but on a business point of view, at least for me, it does not give me anything to play with! Still a nice tool, well built

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