where / how do I add my WSO upsell page?

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Hey Guys,
I'm just creating my first WSO here to post on the Warrior Forum but I am a little confused. Where do I add my WSO "Upsell" sales page? do I need to create this and host it myself or am I missing something?

I didn't realize it was gonna be like this or I would have been a little more prepared... haha

What would you recommend I do if you have any experience with this? Thanks!

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    First thing you need to do is join the War Room - there's a button at the top of the forum which let's you do that.

    From there, head on over to the Marketplace and start a new thread.

    Be sure to read the Stickies or FAQs posted in the Marketplace section, Warrior Forum give clear and concise instructions for anybody looking to sell here.

    Hope I answered your question,
    Peace and blessings,
    Dot Commr
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      WSOs are single page offers so if you have oto/upsells etc you will need to host them separately. Generally that is best to host them on your own site.
      JVZOO does have a fall back page option for products so technically you could use them to host your oto pages

      Exactly how you link your otos to your main page will depend on who you are building your funnel with.

      Presumably Warriorplus, JVZoo or Warrior Forum itself.

      See the training for whoever you are using. JVZoo and W+ have pretty good tutorial videos and instructions.

      I am not so familiar with Warrior Forum as, although they have offered WSOs for many years they have only recently started offering the option to build funnels and attract affiliates etc.
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        Tony answered it correctly ,you need to host it separately.

        One more question to OP ,which platform you will use -jvzoo or warriorplus for your launch.

        If you have specific queries,i can help you.

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    hey guys, I was gonna try it do it all through the warrior forum for now, it all seems straight forward although it asked me for an upsell URL and I didn't have one, I wasn't sure if there was maybe a "wso upsell thread" of something I had missed, now I know that I need to host the upsell page, thats fine, I can set that up no problem!
    any suggestions for what to make a simple landing page with for my upsell page (I don't wanna show my menu and stuff on my site!)
    Thanks a lot for all your help, really appreciate it!
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