How much should a '[newbie' spend on paid traffic?

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I never used paid traffic before. How much should I spend on a monthly basis? I know it should depend on the budget, but given the inexperience, how much should I spend on the first few months? Let's say I have $1000 to spend a month, but you don't want to spend it all at one go.

Thank you.
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    If you're new to IM, spending money on paid traffic is almost always, barring rare rare circumstances, money down the drain.

    1. You need to know how to use traffic.
    2. You need to know the best type of traffic for your business.
    3. You need to know how to monetize effectively.
    4. You need to know how to optimize for conversions.
    5. You need to know how to structure your business.

    I could add several dozen items to the above list. Point is, most newbies lack the experience and the knowledge to actually use traffic effectively, or even go after the right kind of traffic, so, until you do learn the ropes, paid traffic should be avoided.

    Paid traffic appeals to newcomers because, being paid, it offers two things:

    - Immediate traffic;
    - Easy-to-find traffic.

    So, the newcomer hurls some cash at FB Ads or at Bing Ads or at Ad Words, and, assuming their lander complies, the traffic starts a-flowing.

    But, generally speaking, the traffic that flows is the wrong traffic and is sent to the wrong locations, resulting in wasted time, wasted money.

    I began in IM 21 years ago last September. I still use free sources of traffic, and will always do so, despite also being heavily into paid sources. As I newbie, I strongly recommend you master them first, and then throw the paid alternatives into your traffic mix.

    Cheers - Tom

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    That's great advice from Tom (thanks, I would 'hit the button' but it doesn't show up for me just yet; not enough post count I think).

    To answer this: there are a lot of things to consider - generally traffic is a good thing, and generally traffic from a paid source (go with one of the main, established vendors) is actually pretty targeted.

    The question is: will your landing page convert this traffic in a profitable way?

    I strongly recommend doing some research on which paid traffic system you'll be using before you jump into it - however: jump into it.

    I get that there a free methods available - and I'm a big promoter of the free methods myself - however: advertising works, especially now that advertising companies are using better targeting strategies.

    That being said: it depends on a lot of factors - if you have the money to invest on yourself and your learning - then give it a go for yourself - gain something I call True Knowledge, that is: a feeling and understanding gained on actual expirience and practice, rather than knowledge gained by hearsay.

    As for how much to spend - spend what you can afford.

    The best way to learn what works is by effort and practice - test your own campaigns, get your own results and come to your own conclusions. This is the fastest and most profitable way to learn what works - that's not to say that you shouldn't be listening to the advice of other more experienced marketers, I'm saying set yourself a budget and get down with some trial and error, it's only then that you truly learn anything! Until you practice and get real time, real life results then everything you 'know' on the subject is just hearsay and conjecture.

    Let me know how your campaigns go - keep us informed on the action you decide to take and if I can help you at any stage just drop me a message (in this thread for the benefit of others or privately; I don't mind), if I can help or advise you then I will.

    Peace, Bless,
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    Master free traffic first. Once you master how to get free traffic and to convert that you have won the game. It takes time and dedication, failures and patience. It just doesn't make sense to buy traffic if you don't have any experience. With the money you would spend to buy traffic you can do so much better things to start making money. But learn free traffic first.

    Join my FREE course to make $100 a day within the first month. PM me if you want to be in the group. Yes, 100% free.

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      First, there are no "Free" methods of traffic. They will all take time, expertise and money.

      Even if a person knew all they needed to use organic traffic effectively, it is usually more then most can do themselves. For this reason they try outsourcing.

      Whether it is by using Fiverr gigs or more traditional outsourcing, it in itself is something that must be mastered and in any case, it must be paid for.

      If you have a budget of a few hundred dollars a month, you can get started with paid advertising. Facebook, Youtube, Bing are among those that you can get started with and set a daily budget of $5.00 - $25.00 a day.

      If you set your daily limit to that amount, then you will not be charged more than that. In some cases if you have used low searched terms, then you may not reach your budget, but often you will.

      If you go the organic route you are just as likely to spend as much money on products to learn, and on money paid to outside sources to do some of the work that you cannot... either because of time constraints or know how.

      And even under the best circumstances it will take you just as long and often longer to produce results then if you use paid methods.

      Many are afraid of paid methods, but if you use your head and measure your results and test, you can learn to use paid methods just as easily and effectively as organic methods.

      The thing is, that once you learn paid methods of advertising you can drive instant traffic anytime you want.

      Most of the most successful marketers use Paid Traffic and JV/Affiliate traffic as their main sources of traffic... and organic as a sizable, but secondary traffic source.

      I am telling you this because I wish someone had told me when I first started. I was told to master organic traffic first and not to try paid traffic.

      My first site got up to 800 visitors a day with-in a couple of months using organic traffic methods. But it was always an up and down struggle with rules changing and algorithms changing and other reasons. Squidoo was a site many used and then it too got hit and then sold out to hubpages. And countless other such changes.

      These are the things you will deal with when doing organic traffic generation. It is worth it to learn, but there are many benefits to learning paid methods of traffic generation and no reason I know of to put it off to later.

      The main thing to remember is that there are 3 kinds of traffic.

      1. Traffic that is outside of your control.
      2. Traffic that is with-in your control.
      3 Traffic you own.

      Organic traffic is outside of your control. You can learn the rules and drive lots of targeted traffic with organic methods. It is therefore imperative that you learn to drive organic traffic, but understand that as it is outside of your control, it is subject to routine changes that effect how much traffic you get and any given moment.

      Paid traffic is much more under your control as you can pay for it and get immediate results. Once you understand the rules each paid source requires, then you can drive traffic on demand.

      With all methods of traffic you should be leading them first to an optin page which puts them on your list and from that point you own that traffic source. So as long as they stay on your list, you can email them anytime you want.

      Which ever traffic method you choose, make sure to send them first to an optin page. Then to an offer. From there regularly send them useful information and regularly promote your own and other's products.

      Good Luck.
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      You have some great advice from Tom & Dot

      A few things to think about though.

      Initially you should focus on building a profitable sales funnel. Of course to "prove" profitability you need traffic. But you can make some reasonable assumptions and ensure you have at least a fighting chance of profiting from any paid traffic source.

      It is unlikely that sending paid traffic to a single offer will be profitable. Certainly not initially. Therefore it makes sense to have multiple offers and the ability to send your traffic to all those offers.

      You can do that by
      1. Building an email list first
      2. Having multiple offers to send your emails to
      3. Having upsells or otos on all your offers (many offers will include these)

      Once you have what you believe to be a profitable funnel then you can consider paid traffic.

      With all paid traffic you should test it first with a small amount. If it seems successful then ramp up. If not move on.

      Remember that if you have, say three products that you can send your traffic to (after capturing their emails) then breaking even of even a slight loss on the first product may well be profitable in the end.

      And that is without split testing etc which is a whole new discussion.

      Once you start to test traffic you can get an idea of conversions and make estimates on how much you can afford to spend (per click) and expect to be profitable.

      At that point you start to understand what traffic sources you can use.

      Traffic costs vary hugely especially across different niches so you can't really state a budget or even what you will need to pay.

      So in short
      1. Make sure you have a properly monetized system to send the traffic to first.
      2. Capture emails and build a list, then send those subscribers to your sales funnel.
      3. Test with small (ish) amounts traffic
      4. Calculate ROI (money in v money out)
      5. Ramp up if making a profit
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    Its not necessary to master free traffic first ,you can start with paid traffic ,Provided you have a good product ,Ultimately it comes down to testing and testing ,Once you find the winning keyword /land page

    you can scale it up .What i do generally is i try to make different squeeze pages for the same offer and split test and see which one is converting and which is not

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    Well I usually only spend a quick $10 on AdWords traffic and then check the results carefully before I spend more.

    For instance I will spend $10 promoting a YouTube video and then see if I get any like or subscribers. With some videos you can see if its a winner or loser right away.
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    I wouldn't invest huge amounts at first.

    Remember, there's a learning curve involved.

    Only start investing big bucks once you've figured out a formula that works for you.

    This applies both to Adwords PPC and FB PPC/retargeting.

    Otherwise, you'ld be throwing good money after bad.
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    I'd start throwing alot of money on advertising immediately if i were you. Free traffic is fine but if you want to get the ball rolling then start advertising. I would advise spending $300/month if you can. Just as a test to see if the niche you're in is profitable, and if it is.... outsource the backend product creation and sales page and email autoresponder sequence.
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      Do you understand what you're asking? In a public forum where you have no assurance that the answers are coming from people who understand the subject?

      NO ONE should be relied upon to advise you on such decisions for your own business. No one knows you and your skills and resources.

      Learn what you're doing first. Then start on a small scale, test and track all campaigns, tweak and optimize, and only scale up when you know what is profitable.

      The very best to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    If you're new to PPC, I'd recommend people this.

    1. Find a mentor.

    2. Partner with fellow newbies 4 or 5 and co-spend for ads and test the products for conversion.

    Once you learn what is working and how, you can moveon on your own. That way you will not loose a lot of money in the process of learning.

    Use the free fund management template align your goals with your money and manage it properly. Feel free to ask me to learn my experience.
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      I generally spend $10 / day for a test campaign which i then realized could be increased to $25. This again depends on various factors and numerous variables. For every campaign i run, I test them for various variables to learn its optimal conversion range. You can subscribe to these results if you want.
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    Originally Posted by abilify182 View Post

    I never used paid traffic before. How much should I spend on a monthly basis? I know it should depend on the budget, but given the inexperience, how much should I spend on the first few months? Let's say I have $1000 to spend a month, but you don't want to spend it all at one go.

    Thank you.
    I'd look at this another way..
    For each campaign set a budget to evaluate it, for example for a campaign that has an offer that pays $5-10 per lead, I'd spend approx $30 on it before determining if I should still run it or stop it, if I have no leads I'd likely stop it, if I have at least one lead I may keep going.
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    My advice is to use that money for a coach or for training before you start spending money on paid traffic. I've wasted hundreds of dollars on PPC but with proper training there is no doubt in my mind that I could've avoided that.
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