So I optimized all seo information for one of my youtube videos, page 1, 1550 hits.

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Does anybody have some quick tricks to raise the number of hits. That wont violate my TOS. I'm surrounded by 30k to 2.7 million hit videos lol.
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  • I have done research across a magnitude of web sites. I need some advanced tactics. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    I would suggest you don't look into blackhat techniques to raise your views, as that is not a long term solution.

    1,550 views is not bad, so keep uploading and build a relationship with your audience. One hit wanders happen rarely...
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    Definitely just buy YouTube ads through Adwords and set the price at $.01 per view. You will get allot of international views but they are completely "real". So for $10 I get about 1,000 views.
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    Don't rely on one single video. Upload more. You never know which one will be the one that really catches on. Use blogs, FB, Twitter, etc to increase exposure. The more high-quality, relevant videos that you have up, the more traffic they can all potential get.
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  • Do you do Youtube SEO?

    Attempt to rank for less popular keywords to boost views.

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    I suggest you join large Groups on social media like Facebook in the niche you are in and ask group members to view and comment on your video. You will be surprised how many views you can get to your video by doing that.
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