Just Created a News Website. Need help with making it huge

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Hi warriors. I need help with a news website I just launched. I have 5 staff working with me. I need help with making it huge. What do you think I should do on my news site to differentiate it from the crowd and make it a must - visit website in my local region?
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    You are going to have your work cut out for you as there are thousands of news websites out there.

    You really haven't given enough information about what type of news you will be reporting on, Niche, Location, etc. so it is very hard to give any advise.

    You say you have 5 Staff working for you are they paid? the reason I ask is that will show that you have some cash to play with and maybe you could put some of it into advertising.

    The best advise I can give with the limited information is put up some great stories and spread the word on social media, advertise and advertise then advertise some more.
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    Only print "good" news to counteract all the negativity in the media.

    Here is an example: 99.27% of all people in the world lived this year. Of the deaths that occur each year only 2.84% are intentional (suicide, violence, war). But I haven't seen that on the news. World Population Clock: 7.3 Billion People (2015) - Worldometers
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      Very good tips. Thanks for the responses. The news website is location based. I want to get news from all the nooks and crannies of our location by making people send in information of what is happening in their area which secular news may not pickup.

      In return I want them to have some kind of incentive. I'm yet to decide a good incentive though....but I'm thinking of sending data bundle for browsing since internet access is a bit of a challenge.

      Secondly, I want the world to know more about the location...let it be a go to site for trust worthy high quality news source...
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    Originally Posted by Fenshon View Post

    site to differentiate it from the crowd?

    • Be unique
    • market well
    • add massive value
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    Have a distinct voice.

    People can go anywhere on the web to get news. The only thing that can make visitors choose a particular news site is its voice. Be funny, or be progressive, or be conservative, or be educational for example. If you are just regurgitating press releases, visitors have no reason to go to your site rather than to Google News or any other generic news source.
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    Main thing to research on Niche as it is important factor to create a website!!
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    Thank you for your helpful comments especially Paulnedo for the helpful tips
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