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Are there any paid servicse that one can sought help to setup an Amazon Direct Kindle account, such as services to writeup the biography, etc. I know its easy to setup, but I prefer to have guidance and do the right way and get it done professionally first time. Any help please, especially from super sellers or bestsellers on ebooks?
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    You can hire a writer to study the profiles of top sellers in your category and come up with something similar for you.

    You are on the right track. If you check out the profiles of best selling self-published authors on Kindle most take extra extra effort in building their author brand. Also, their books tend to be organized a certain way.

    There are definitely patterns of success on Kindle... only if people would care to look closely.
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      writeaway, thank you very much for the great advice and also encouragement that I am moving on the right track. Have A Great Christmas and Happy 2016.....
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        Amazon kindle is a great place to do business, people are buying ebooks now more than ever!

        Your title and cover make a big difference, so I would recommend testing theses things because amazon allows you to make changes to your ebook whenever you want.

        But the biggest thing that incentives people to buy eBooks online is real reviews from a real readers.

        Here's a cool tip. You can research people who have left a bunch of reviews in the same niche as your ebook, then you can send those people a free copy of your ebook alongside a message saying something like this:

        I see that you have read and left reviews for other eBooks in the "XYZ" Category and I kind of figured that you enjoy reading material of this nature.

        I just published an "XYZ" Title that I think you might enjoy, and I actually send you a free copy of it! When you have some time feel free to take a look at it, and if you are feeling extra generous I would love to receive a review on amazon from someone who clearly knows there stuff when it comes to "XYZ" material!

        You will get a lot of great reviews doing this! And more good review equals more sales! needless to say that your ebook needs to be the best that it can be, and NEVER some PLR stuff.

        In term of a product you can invest in to educate yourself further, the best one I have found is called "kindle cash flow 2.0"

        Type that into google

        I also found these two great video when I was doing my own research for this.

        First One:

        Second One:

        Hoped that helped!

        Mike Vietri
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          Find a freelancer. You can check places like fiverr or you can go onto freelance websites and post what you need done and people will bid on it. It is very simple work, I have set one up before myself.
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            Not sure to understand. You need help to set up your KDP account, or the description for each book you want to publish? Or are you talking about your author central account? ( These are all different things).
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              Mia, thanks for the tip.

              M Valmont, apologies if I did not make it clear in my statement. What I'm actually looking for is for someone willing to help me setup the Amazon Direct Kindle Publishing information which includes biography, etc
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                Mike, your guidance on the getting reviews and also seeing those two videos you have recommended are excellent. Thank you so much for those advices, I'm feeling more confident now in the warrior forum. Sometimes doing everything by yourself can be overwhelming.
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