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I have about 20 Tumblr blogs each with around 100 followers, and I post photos to them to do with weight loss to promote this affiliate product.

What I'm trying to figure out is what should I put in the description to increase conversion/Increase number of visits.

Should I put testimonials of people who have bought the product in quotes?

It has to be something different for every photo I post though, because it can't say the same thing in every post, that would appear to be spammy.
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    By the way, if this is the wrong section, please move it to the appropriate section.
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  • Yes, adding a testimonial to the product is a good way to attract possible customers. You can also add some info about the product and maybe explain why a customer needs to buy your product. Then, maybe share your Tumblr post on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to increase traffic to your Tumblr page.
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    You could also provide videos of you 'unboxing' the product and showing what people get after they buy.
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