Creating an Opportunity from Scratch ...

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Creating an Opportunity from Scratch ...

Summary: Connect Buyers and Sellers within a Niche.

Step 1 - Find a way to Reach a Niche (Trade Magazine, Mailing list)
Step 2 - Find vendors who sell to that Niche.
Step 3 - Connect the Niche and the vendors utilizing Step 1

For example lets say your Niche is Realtors

What do they Need? Business cards, Brochures, Leads, Training etc.

Create a Realtor Resource Directory with vendors that sell to Realtors

Charge the Vendors to be in the directory.

Offer the directory for Free to Realtors though Direct mail, Advertising in Realtor Trade Magazines etc

I am currently doing this in two niches and it works!
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    Solid post Jack, though I have one modification. Step 1 could also be approached as Create a way to reach a niche.

    By this, I am referring to building an authority site that solves the problems of a community and generates its own traffic. From there, Step 2 and 3 are just one of the many monetization methods that exist.
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