Has anyone used Adf.ly to make money?

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If you haven't heard of adf.ly, it basically a link shortens your url. But instead of sending you directly to the url that it shortened, it sends you to a 3 second advertisement and then it allows you to proceed to the url your shortened. Adf.ly then pays you a small amount for the advertisement exposure. I want to promote adf.ly links so that adf.ly can pay me.

My question is, what do you guys think about it? Is it worth it to focus my time into it? I want to make about $30-$50 per day from this. I am no

If so, how would you approach it to get the best out of it?
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    I'm not certain if you are talking about making money as a publisher or advertiser so I'll try cover both:

    Ad Fly is no different from other paid advertising options, except you have very little targeting capabilities. If you are promoting an offer or lead magnet, which appeals to the majority of people, this may work. However, you will only know by testing it against the results you can generate using most focused platforms.

    As an advertiser, you are only likely to generate a large income from Ad Fly if you have a ton of generic visitors and honestly, there are likely many other more profitable methods of monetizing that amount of traffic.
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    No its bad idea first think why thousands of people click on your link and its very difficult also try shortest its good.
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    My advice.
    NEVER use adf.ly
    It`s pointless to drive thousands of clicks and get paid peanuts.
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    Go away from this website adf.ly just losing the money
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    It's not very targeted so it's not exactly an easy source of traffic to convert IF YOU ARE AN ADVERTISER.

    If you are a publisher/promoter, you need US traffic for your link to make a SMALL amount of cash. You will need VOLUME traffic to make it work.

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    I've made money with Adfly before when I experimented with it, but it's untargeted traffic. It's like playing the lottery. Most of the time, it won't lead to any financial gain. Now and then, it will. But generally it's not worth investing time or money in.
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    My question is that I want to make money from adf.ly by promoting their links. Not by advertising on adf.ly
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    Adf.ly is a good url shortner and you can make money from it by shortening your url. But for traffic it is really useless.

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    Even I used Adf.ly and the earnings were very low and sometimes the stats are also incorrect. I tried using many other link shortening services but earnings made were very low. I found Safelinkconverter which gave me an option to shorten my links and earn using my AdSense account. The earnings are great as I got the payment in my AdSense account. I was way too satisfied than any other shortening service. But there is a risk of using AdSense account and to my surprise they helped me to use my own domain for shortening my links. That was one of the great thing that liked about them. I am also earning by their by their referral/affiliate service. Adf.ly gives very low earning in affiliate system. But safelinkconveter gives around 20-25% in AdSense account for lifetime. Earning money using AdSense account is really a good deal.
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    I have used it for testing purpose. You need countless number of visitors to earn 1 buck. Why to waste your energies when you can earn passive money from reliable sources (like clickbank affiliate marketing) with less efforts.
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    Affiliate/referral for shortening sites is also a good option to earn and when you get the option from earning through AdSense it is highly recommendable.

    Clickbank affiliate marketing is nice but conversion is a really hard task.
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    haven't got any success
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    Waste of good traffic, And even ur goal which is 30-50$ a day in unreachable unless you have crazy amount of traffic, But then again u have so much better ways to monetize it.
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    my sister use this for her website, but the market is in asia. she got $0.6 in a week. not a good idea to achieve $50 using this .
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    If you are an advertiser, stay away from Adfly. Traffic can not be targeted. Useless.

    If you are a publisher, stay away from it too. Wasting time. You have to promote their link harder just to make a few cents.
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    I have not used adf.ly because I prefer to get traffic directly to my monetized sites and blogs.
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