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Over the next few months I am going to look to do a few video courses.

A couple of questions

Which Platform would you use? I sell products on my WooCommerce site and I was thinking that I should add the course here. Although would anyone think I should have it somewhere else like Kajabi or Udemi etc?

Also I am wondering whether I should offer the course as a one off payment or drip feeding the lessons weekly on a membership basis. The courses will be in the self help / self development niche if that assists any advice?

Thanks in advance
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    Originally Posted by markbowden1 View Post

    Over the next few months I am going to look to do a few video courses.
    If you're going to be doing a few video courses and have the dollars, the new Kajabi is pretty damn sweet.
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    Fedora or ZippyCourses are strong options for self-hosting courses. Udemy is great for reaching a new audience.
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      I use Optimizemember.

      Course was 80 videos and reasonable quick to set up.
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        Udemy is good and many respect the courses there. They do a lot of promotions, so many who have courses on that platform do not even advertise their course as they get enough activity from the promotions Udemy does.

        The one drawback from a sellers perspective is the amount of $10 sales they have. For the buyer it is good, but if you want your course to sell for $197.00 then it depends on your perspective as to whether their promotions are good or not. Of course you can choose if your course is ok to be included in those special promotions or not, but most regular buyers look for those promotions before buying.

        Learnable, (formerly Fedora), is a platform that will allow you to set up your course with a similar look and feel of a Udemy course, but you do all your own promotions. This gives you more control over pricing, but leaves you to driving all the traffic to your course. While they have a free option, you will likely want to use their $99 a month platform.

        You could choose to use a more traditional membership site to deliver your course. In that case you have a number of options. A free option is s2member. Wishlist member is probably the most used by marketers.

        Clickfunnels is another option. It is a product by Russel Brunson and cost $99 a month, but offers a membership function along with several other useful functions for marketers.
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          S2member is redundant I believe.

          It's relabelled as OptimizeMember.
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            Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post

            S2member is redundant I believe.

            It's relabelled as OptimizeMember.
            I think you will find that S2member is alive and well.

            Optimizepress has a plugin that is Optimizemember which is pretty much a re-labelled version of S2 member.

            S2 is constantly updated and I would recommend their paid version.

            There are plenty of membership solutions that have been mentioned in this thread and each has their own pros and cons.

            If you are using wordpress and optimizepress then by all means use the optimizemember plugin.

            If you prefer to design your website in something else like Thesis then S2 is a good choice.

            If you prefer drag and drop then the likes of Clickfunnels is simple but a more expensive choice.

            Anyone who runs membership sites regardless of what they are using is always looking to improve whether that be things like drip-feeding, security, easy of management, integrations etc etc.

            It depends on your needs.
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              ah yes, it would need to be kept alive for those who don't use OptimizePress.
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    Hi guys. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

    Is anyone actually using ZippyCourses? I recently saw this and it looks like it could be a good fix (and I know Alex the Lion mentioned it above).

    I'd like to host my videos on Vimeo and then use this, which I presume it allows you to do.

    But I would really like to know if anyone has any of their own experiences with it?
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    I would suggest starting with Udemy, even if its a small course. That way you can get a following and start to build a brand around yourself.

    Once you have a brand and some students under your belt you can launch your own site and can use your current student base as a means of getting activity going on your own site.

    By having some students early on and having a brand around yourself in your niche you will have instant credibility and will have an easier time getting success.

    That's just my 2cents though...
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    I'm presently trying out and it's a quick setup and the pages
    look great with some nice tools to learn how your courses are being consumed.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I'd deliver them all at once. In zipped file. Much more efficient if you plan to have more sales.
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    I use Vimeo Pro to store mine, over 3000 videos. The private mode is good where you can set on which sites your videos must be stored, whether it must be private or not, be downloadable or not etc and the settings can be set in bulk or per video. I love vimeo!
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