Need Amazon Niche Websites Full Training

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Any one suggest me where can i get the full guidance of niche websites training mainly Amazon Niche Websites....
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    I am also looking for this info for wordpress, anyone suggest?
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      Look for information provided by Warriors such as: jan roos, Sojourn (Erica Stone), myob and JohnMcCabe.In the order I have listed, they have provided me with the building blocks for my Amazon income.
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    I would recommend Jan Roos' course. It is a bit expensive but well worth it.

    Jan focuses on authority niche sites with multiple streams of income (Amazon, AdSense, CPA, Affiliate Offers), List Building and Paid Traffic.

    He does not teach cookie cutter sites. He does not teach SEO.

    Another Warrior, Gaz Copper, runs the Amazon Training Academy member site. He teaches a number of different Amazon income models. I have never been a member of the Amazon Training Academy so I cannot comment on the content of his member site but I have know him (as a marketer) since back in the day and he knows what he is doing.

    I can vouch for Jan's material as I have purchased all his products. I can vouch for Gaz as a marketer and good guy, but I have never taken his training.
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    Still waiting for suggestions...
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      Originally Posted by naveenpuli View Post

      Still waiting for suggestions...
      Wow. Good luck with that.

      You just got suggested some of the top Amazon trainers, all of which are affordable, and you can't find a better follow up question than that?

      With an attitude like that and an inability to think for yourself and ask relevant follow up questions (never mind use WF search or Google), you are going to struggle no matter what training you get.

      Did you research Jan Roos, Gaz Cooper, Amazon Academy, Sojourn, myob and John McCabe? And none fit your needs?

      The thing with Amazon is it is getting much more difficult to simply throw up a cookie-cutter store using some Azon plugin or a pure "review" site and get any love from Google.

      You need to create an engaging site that focuses on a big niche that supports a variety of products and monetization methods and then use social networking and PPC to drive traffic.

      Seriously, read myob's posts and research the courses already mentioned in this thread.

      You are not going to find a "magic bullet" no matter how many suggestions you get.
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        You can also add potpiegirl, you can learn some good things from her.
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