How do you get youtube video views?

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I have recently started a few youtube channels and I cant seem to get past 20 views per video.

Can anyone please give me some tips or programs I can purchase that will give my channel some small promotional chance?

Thank you.
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    At least your getting some views so this is a good start. Don't get phased thinking that what you're doing isn't working.

    What you are doing is working.
    • Make sure that you are picking good keywords and putting them in your title.
    • Make sure that the key words that you are 'targeting' is actually relevant to your video.
    • Make sure to fill out a good description of your video that again has your target keywords in it but don't over do or keyword stuff it.
    • Make sure that you 'share' your videos anywhere that would appreciate them. This helps in ranking.

    Give as much value to your audience as possible

    Sometimes your videos can go 'viral' and this is where the 'real magic' starts to happen.

    People share stuff because:
    • It makes them look cool.
    • Your video made them laugh
    • Your video made them cry
    • They were 'emotionally' moved

    There is no magic button for success. Sure there are some link building stuff that may help your for a little while but this is trying to 'manipulate' the search engines and won't last for the long run.

    I would just keep making videos especially if you are enjoying making them.

    Some videos don't get a lot of views while other (your SWEET Spot) can take off like wild fire.

    Hope this helps!
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    SEO video YouTube, buy some views and backlinks on fiverr.
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    You will need to actively promote your videos to your target audience.

    Yeah you are going to get some organic views from the search engines, but you still will need to do some leg work, and get those videos in front of people who will appreciate them.

    If your videos have good content then the people who watches them will start sharing them with friends.

    for now try sharing your videos through other social medias, reddit is a great place to get tons of traffic.

    Hope these few tips will help you buddy.
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    I've a new YT channel that I only started to focus on in the last six months and now I get 6000+ views/day with 200+ videos.

    It's a channel that teaches people how to draw. There are tons of such channels out there.

    My tips.

    1. Create something useful for the audience. The content has to be something that people are searching for. Think about what people will want to learn or find out about, and what search terms they will type in the search box.

    2. Make your video as helpful as possible. When people watch your video in completion, it tells YT that it's useful and YT will be more likely to promote it in the Related Videos sidebar.

    3. Having a good description helps. Explain what the video is about and what people can expect from the video.

    4. Sharing on other websites and forums can increase views only to a certain extend. You will still want to create content people are looking for. In other words, you want people to search for your content. You do not want to have to invest so much time to market your content so often. Marketing helps, but having good content will be more beneficial in the long run.

    Getting people to share your videos is on another whole league. I recommend reading the book 'Made to Stick' to find out why some content are better than others.
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    Promote your video thru social media , facebook and twitter ... use copromote to boost your views
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    Are you doing SEO for your video? That means keyword in title, description, tags, raw video file name and raw image name for thumbnail (yes raw file names count too). You also need to share it from G+, Twitter, Facebook and a WordPress blog.

    If so and you still get small views, then use YouTube video ads.

    Here is how to do it cheap: set it on all countries and languages and only $.01 per view.

    For $10 I get about 1,000 views. If it is a good video I will get a few likes, comments and a couple of subscribers, which is also very important for SEO.
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    good SEO and Backlink your videos, and share with every social site out there. you will start to see a huge increasing
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    Hey here's a free training video where you can get good amount of views to your youtube video and i have used it as well.

    Tube Traffic Mojo
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      Hello If I can recommend, dont buy views! It will hurt your SEO..
      instead buy some likes, subscribers or commenters. Dont be greedy! Google is watching you!
      Ask some people to watch at least half duration of your video, it will tell YT's algorithm that your video is Interesting and people are satisfied.
      Get some shares + backlinks to your videos
      i believe that all what I wrote will definitely help you!
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    The following steps will resolve that for you:
    1) Name your video file with relevant keywords before you upload to
    2) Title your movie with catchy keywords AND BE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH
    3) Fill out the video description with at least 2 - 3 paragraphs of text
    4) Put all the keywords from the title and description in the "tags" section
    5) Share your video with all your friends - quickly!
    6)Make a video response to an already popular video on YouTube
    7) Encourage sharing, allow comments, video responses and embedding of your video
    8 ) Embed your new video prominently on your website to create 2 way traffic.
    9) Have your fellow bloggers reference or embed the video on their site as well.
    10) Buy YouTube Views
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    Hire someone to SEO your video or you can also share your video diff types of social media site to get views
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    there are tons of fiverr services involving youtube

    just dont get banned bro

    some services are way too risky

    personally i like to mimic those succesfull youtube videos

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    You need to increase your videos back link more & more. Beside the Back link, you need to use the easy & common name in the Name & description field. You can also use the tag feature. By which one can reach to your videos easily. Thanks for your advance.
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    You will need solid keywords that get searched, have it in your title, say it a few times in your video, have it in your description, have only 1-3 tags that have your keyword in it and once you upload, head on over to and ping your video. After that, focus on driving traffic to it. Get backlinks, shares, likes, comments, etc. There are certain groups on FB that are pretty solid in doing this. You'll have to watch, like and comment on other videos so other people will do the same for you. It works good for me. I usually buy social bookmarking links on Fiverr to boost my rankings. Works really well. I get tons of views, my rankings gets a huge boost, I get leads and sales from all this. It's a powerful strategy if you implement it consistently the right way.
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    Hi Guys, I will add some suggestions:
    Make your keywords as the filename of your video.
    Tags aren’t super-important…but they help.
    Mention Your Video on Quora and Other Q&A Sites
    Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature

    My Question:

    How true is this - "longer videos rank better"?
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    Do all channels reflect you within the video? Even more importantly, have you talked relevant things within the video? If yes for both, then I do not see a reason why it is not working. May be you are not promoting your videos well enough on Social Media. Anyways you can check out this wonderful article that will give you a detailed step by step guide on how to go about promoting your video channel on YouTube.

    12 Strategies for Promoting Your YouTube Videos


    Chintan Mehta

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    great technology software for launching youtube . I have used and found very effective.
    This software helps to investigate competitors on youtube
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    You can either seo your video and try to rank or u can just buy the views
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    Originally Posted by IMarketers2500 View Post

    I have recently started a few youtube channels and I cant seem to get past 20 views per video.

    Can anyone please give me some tips or programs I can purchase that will give my channel some small promotional chance?

    Thank you.
    That is actually pretty good if you're just starting out. Focus on optimizing your videos to rank higher in search engines, and you could purchase high retention views. However if you plan on building a long-term authority channel you need to be careful with buying views.
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    I usually pay money to have the video featured at the top of video results. I also encourage visitors to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Along with that, there's the natural SEO features that need to be done, along with simply uploading the video to Youtube.
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