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I'm a newbie in the whole affiliate marketing area, nevertheless I have some background and read quite a few things. I'm looking for ideas how I can actually get affiliates to sell my product, or rather how to make it more attractive for them. When you're selecting a product to promote, what makes you happy and what turns you off?

I have my own product - an e-book/audio/video training course about productivity. I'm selling it on my website, and it was offered as a bonus for people from my mailing list that have purchased a program from Eben Pagan.

In total 149 copies were bought, and there has been only a single refund yet (unconditional 90 day guarantee). So I like to think I have a good product.

It's priced at $99.95. I have recently listed the product on Clickbank, with 50% commission. I also have a sales page with a narrated video on auto-play, and I usually answer any emails/support requests within hours. Despite all that, thinking affiliates will find and pick my product by themselves on Clickbank seems naive.

I tried advertising on FB and although it has paid for itself, I don't see that as a way to go forward.

Most articles about attracting affiliates I found recommend participating on forums, and this seems like the right place to be.

What next steps would you recommend?
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    What next steps would you recommend?
    You might get some here: Affiliate Program Database
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    Consider a JV as well once you have some posts here.
    Here's the JV area: https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-joint-ventures/

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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    Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely consider the JV option - I guess finding the right partner might go a long way for me.

    Especially given the fact I might rely on affiliate marketing more and more in the future, depending on how well this productivity course does. I also have access to various other products (mostly SW) falling into the same niche and already quite successful.
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    For me you already match some of the most important factors what I need to match before I start promoting something because :

    1. You have solid product with 149 sales and only 1 refund, and refund period is 90 days which is pretty long and people do not ask for refunds so they are happy.

    When I am looking for quality products I want promote this product only to quality traffic and create win win situation for me and advertiser.

    2 Quality of support is as important as product itself because me and people who purchased a product need to know that a men who created a product is responsive so they made good investment.

    Promote also on other forums not only on clickbank and here you can find a lot of opportunities and you will be successful
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    make some youtube videos asking affiliate to promote your product
    Join Facebook Groups that have affiliates
    Post in warriorforum joint ventures
    Do you have a Section on your sales page for affiliates to join?
    Also giving Affiliates Tools like banners and e-mail swipes will help to.
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    Clickbank can be a first provider for you. You can look at their list and choose what you love. Only promote what you love to make sure you can make money on it.
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      Originally Posted by davidpham View Post

      Clickbank can be a first provider for you. You can look at their list and choose what you love. Only promote what you love to make sure you can make money on it.
      I'm not looking to promote any products, I want one of my own products promoted.
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    Mind giving me a few tips, what other forums/FB groups are worthwhile to be in?

    I'll post in the JV section, but I was recommended to get some more posts first.

    I don't have a special section for affiliates on my sales page. Perhaps I should start working on that, I didn't believe it necessary at this point, as I imagine it's only useful for bringing in new affiliates after at least a few are already promoting the product and thus bringing visitors to the sales page (I didn't use the sales page myself yet, created it for CB).
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    Most "affiliates" will do nothing.

    Get that into your head first.

    Be very, very selective about who you accept.

    Completely the opposite of the newbie, right? Who rushes out and clicks "Accept" on every affiliate request that comes in.

    Most of them have tiny lists, and those lists are not necessarily predisposed to buy YOUR kind of product.

    Nor are they the kind of person who takes action.

    So hey, if you want a half-hearted maybe email to their undifferentiated list--if they do anything at all--then by all means, keep trying that approach.

    Or you can do something else.

    If you look and sound different, you will be treated differently.

    Now forget the dumb newbie approach of "OMG! My product is so AMAZING you should totally sign up and PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE THE **** Out of THIS!!!! :-DDDD"

    Which is what you see. Begging. Really, really sad.

    You know what a serious affiliate is going to do if they hear that kind of noise?


    To be treated differently, we must behave differently.

    A serious marketer wants to know:

    1. Am I going to make money by promoting this product?

    2. Is it going to be easy for me to promote this product?









    3. Is the product any good?

    That's it.

    Of course they want the product to be good. But that's not the lead. That's not what they're really interested in.

    Yet what do newbies begin with?

    "ZOMG! My product is so awesome, it ties its own shoes! You should TOTALLY sign up!"

    What would happen if, instead of the mass marketing attempt which brings you garbage affiliates anyway, you adopted another approach?

    One where you sought out just a few specific, competent, real affiliates?

    Worked on getting on THEIR radar?

    Getting that ONE genuine affiliate on board?

    Then what would happen?

    "Super Affiliate ABC is promoting this."


    What effect do you think this will have on the rest of the affiliate marketplace?

    Look at the freakin' stats.


    Stop allowing just anybody to join you.

    No sales? No thanks.

    Less than 100 sales? No thanks.

    Tiny list? No thanks.

    Won't or can't tell you what kind of person their list is made up of? No thanks.

    Loads of refunds? No thanks.

    Back to approaching that one serious marketer.

    1. Am I going to make money with this product?

    Tell them who you're looking for.

    Who's the best target customer, that should be on their list? What problems are they having? How will the affiliate know it's a fit?

    What stats do you have? Do you have a previous launch to talk about? Do you have estimates on your performance?

    To be treated differently, we must act differently. Lead with numbers. Genuine marketers are data hounds.

    SHOW the affiliate how they're going to make money. And not just with "$7 FE, $17 OTO". You can do better than that. THINK.

    "Cool, calm and collected" will get you much farther with serious affiliates than "mindlessly enthusiastic."

    2. Is it going to be easy for me to promote this product?

    Is it a fit with their list?

    Do you provide swipes?

    Is there some preexisting buzz?


    And a long way down the priority list...

    3. Is the product any good?

    Show it to them.

    But do more than that. Show how it helps their list. The PEOPLE on their list. You know, the ones they have the relationship with and rely on for at least part of their income.

    Those people are FAR more important than you...and don't you forget it.

    Products are a dime a dozen. But you can overcome this attitude by dealing with #1 and #2 above.

    Your product at a bare minimum has to be competent. It must solve a problem for that target customer.

    Beyond that, your affiliate doesn't care nearly so much about the product as they do about issues #1 and #2. Can I make money with this, and is it going to be easy to sell it.

    Put your effort there, not on hyping your product.

    Get that serious, well-known marketer on board and the rest will start falling in line without much effort on your part.

    And if you're thinking, "But I'm new! I don't have a track record, I don't have results to point to!"...well, you're just not thinking hard enough.
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