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I have a video blog at goprovideos dot org and was wondering if it would make sense to insert an opti-in form on the home page or in posts, what freebie I should offer (an ebook about using Gopro video cameras?] and what type of useful content (other than just affiliate offers) to send to the list once I have some subscribers).

I would also like to put optin-forms on each video post but I'm not sure if there is a plugin that does that or not.

Also, does Feedburner allow you to create a list or does it just syndicate your new posts to subscribers.

Finally, have any of you been able to successfully generate subscriber lists using video blogs?
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    Hey trafficflow,

    There are many ways you can go about getting opt-ins on your video blog!

    One of the most popular ways to get optins is having a popup page come up over your entire website after a user has been on for a certain amount of time. Im pretty sure you have been to a website where a pop up opens up asking to you to join their email list.

    Also you can plug an optin form in each of your post at the end of all your content. You always want to have some type of call to action at the end of all your post. You can mix it up with an opt-in form, or a link to a related article/video.

    The idea is to keep them on your site, and expose them to relate content while you add value.

    Of course there is no one size fits all, and this is where testing comes into play.Test which of your optin forms converts the best, and keep tweaking/optimizing. What works for me and my audience might be completely different for you, and your audience.

    as for as the content that you send to your list goes. It does not have to be anything crazy. Just a quick, to the point article/video that provides value to your audience will be fine. Just make sure the content is related to your niche, and it is addressing one of the common problems people are having in your niche.

    Remember when you market. Don't think you're selling. All you are doing is talking about a problem, and then offering your audience a solution for that problem. I like to give value through content 2-3 times before I soft sell a solution.

    I hope you got some value from my post.
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    Adding an optin is certainly a good idea. Regarding the lead magnet, there is a lot you could go with, though it depends on what your audience responds best too. I would take a guess something video based rather than an ebook, simply because your entire audience visits your website to watch video.

    Maybe a montage of the top 10 most awesome GoPro videos on your website?
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      I think I will look into a plugin that creates a pop up or lightbox because I just added an clickbank advertisement for a GoPro ebook that takes up a lot of space on each post so there is not much room to add an optin below the posts and even if there was room it might not be noticed.
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