What is the best way to promote your onine product?

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I am running an online business. But I don't have any proper guideline to promote my product. How can I do this as a beginner? Looking for your suggestions.
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    So I can assume it is your own product that you want to sell online?
    What niche? We need more info.

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      So you do not have a clue as to who your target market is. You do not understand your potential customer. You do not know where that customer is. You do not understand business. You are not "running" an online business - you are "running" an online ruin!

      You've probably ignored a handful of markets and products you do understand and for which you already have easy customer market access.

      For a newbie, this is where you had to begin.
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        You should check out this other thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ell-thing.html.

        In fact, varieties of this question probably has more threads than any other on Warrrior Forum.

        Do you have some money to spend or do you have the patience to build a blog and do all the necessary steps to make it successful?

        I think the path heads in two directions - budget or no budget to sell products online.
        Decide which and determine which of these methods or combination thereof will be of help:

        PPC advertising on Bing, Yahoo and Google
        Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media advertising
        Social media advertising without a budget - plenty of inexpensive courses on this
        Advertising on Warrior Forum and other marketing forums
        Solo Ads
        Classified advertising
        List Building and email marketing (with giveaways, etc.)
        Blog building with posting and commenting and search engine optimization
        Creating video tutorials and/or product reviews on YouTube

        I'm sure others can add additional methods. Good luck.
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    let me try to help you out buddy.

    first you need to understand your audience. Who are the people you are trying to connect with. Understand their wants, and their needs. What are common problems they are having. The better you understand your customer/audience. The better you can target your marketing efforts.

    Now the biggest question of all is how to get traffic. Traffic is essentially getting your product in front of the eyeballs of your audience.

    In a general sense there are two types of traffic Free, and paid. Huge pro, and con with each way you go. Free traffic usually consume time, and paid cost money But you have to know what you are doing with paid campaigns or else you will lose a lot of money.

    I suggest using free traffic first. It takes time, and patients but it will be worth it. Ultimate goal for free traffic is to rank number 1 in google for a profitable keyword. But this takes a lot of time, and effort.

    If you aren't that great with seo I say start with social media marketing. Social media is a power house for free traffic if done right.

    You can try any social media site that you are interested in. Just pick one, and run with it. Do not stop until you mastered whatever you choose to learn. Worse thing you can do is waste time by jumping between too many different methods.

    Hope this gives you some ideas my friend.
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    Originally Posted by rochasbd View Post

    I am running an online business. But I don't have any proper guideline to promote my product. How can I do this as a beginner? Looking for your suggestions.
    Have you considered dropcards? It's an effective offline method.
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    My biggest tip is to find out where you audience already is and make your presence there. Instead of putting all your focus on your audience finding you...find your audience. From there you can deliver value in the marketplace and make them aware of you, your brand, and your products. For example, there are people like me giving away free information on this forum. In return we build our brand, our name, and people find our websites and products. Obviously there are more ways to do it but when you are starting out find your audience and don't wait for them to find you.
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    Start building a community around your niche, preferably on an email list, though social groups will suffice. Once you have a following, you can offer free help and promote your product.
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    It really comes down to creating unique text and video content based around search keywords and then sharing it.

    Share it on your blog and YouTube first. Then to your email list, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. After that related forums and other site where you can participate in a related discussion like blogs.

    If you are not building a list then that is the very first priority. Put an aweber opt in form on your site and set up an autoresponder series.
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    Find a low competition niche, do market research, build product, get autoresponder, get site, advertise, get leads, do email marketing, build backend products, sell to new customers with backend products, and continue the process.

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