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I just discovered this forum and I have been browsing through the topics here especially the Internet Marketing and PR ones. Anyone to take me through the journey here, I would love to learn a lot. How to buy and sell products (perks) here and the guideline rules. Thank you.
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    Originally Posted by topdel View Post

    I just discovered this forum
    1. When you find a topic you want to learn more about, stick the keyword in the search above.

    2. In the RED bar above is a better search option. It will allow you to be more specific on what you want to find and where to find it.

    3. As a third resort, it is also/alternatively easy to go to google and type in "keyword " and "warriorforum" .

    4. Spend a week to figure out what it is you want to get out of this forum and how you can apply that to your business. Or figure out what kind of business you want if you've not started.

    5. Please try to use the search function before posting questions. When posting a question, please try to hone down as much as possible and be very specific. The more specific you are the better the answers you will get.

    6. Be aware there are many different forums in here and where you are posting what kinds of questions you have. For example, copywriting questions will be better addressed in the copywriting forum.

    7. Be mindful of who is replying to you in a thread. Never hesitate to click on that persons profile and go on down the rabbit trail to see if they have a past here. We are all strangers here for the most part. There are very few people here I've actually met in person.

    8. Try to avoid the WSO forum until you have a specific tool or something you need to find (ie a plugin that does a certain feature, or PLR on a topic that is in your niche). It's very easy to get sucked down in there for days and days and watch your bank account go dry. It can be like a casino if you don't go in knowing what you want and how to play it.

    9. Once you are able to see the "thanks" button (after 5 posts) don't be afraid to use it should you find something or someone you want to thank as opposed to just writing in a thread "thanks great post".

    10. There is an "upvote" button on top now too.

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you find what you are looking for.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Welcome to the forum Topdel,

    Jill covered the basics perfectly above so if you have any specific internet business questions, drop me a PM.
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    Experiment with what you learn here right away using free and very cheap low cost tools.

    Its safe to spend money on hosting, domains and aWeber.

    Learn to set up a simple one page landing page with opt in based on keyword and niche research.

    Don't jump in and start spending money on WSOs or anything else until you get the basics down.

    Learn methods here, start small and cheap/free, experiment, test, drop things that don't work, keep going on things that do.
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    Find a method and ACTUALLY do them

    Don't expect to succeed at first

    Keep experimenting

    Focus on learning instead of making money and you'll be successful eventually

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      hey there and welcome to the forum HERE IS NOT WHAT TO DO:-

      • Don't spam affiliate or website links
      • Don't lie, don't put a sig that says you make $10,000 a month and then start a thread that ask how to make $100 a month because your broke
      • Don't just write 3 words replies
      • Don't be horrible and abusive (yes some people really are)
      • Don't spend all your money on WSO's
      • Have a useful sig that points to an awesome website or landing page of yours.
      • Be consistent and answer threads well
      • Use the many search functions on this forum
      • Research and learn!
      Have a great day
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    Action and you will get archives. I have spent a lot of time for reading and taking action. finally I have some $, it is so great
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      Welcome, there's some great stuff on this forum and everyday is definately a 'school day' here!
      Whilst you're absorbing all the information here and finding the right way forward for you I would whole heartedly recommend that you:

      Start building an online presence for yourself!

      You can also combine this with something that you'll probably need to do whatever path you follow and that's getting used to writing content.

      How about starting your own blog? Write regular posts, when you find something of interest here (or any of the other Internet Marketing forums), research it a bit more more then write about it on your blog.

      Get used to a bit of Search Engine Optimization (but don't let it take over you life ), apply this to your blog posts and any images that you put into this content, done right and with decent content you should start to see some traffic arriving at your site.

      Why the internet presence bit? It's all about TRUST! I'm only speaking for myself here but if I'm going to spend money on a product then I like to do a quick check on whom I'm buying from. If I can't find the person (or company) online then I tend to move on.

      Good luck
      Cheers, Jon.
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    Hi topdel,

    Welcome to the forum,

    I would go throught Jill Carpenter's post first. After that I would think about how to apply each step. I specially like step nr. 4.

    Ask yourself, do I have any skills I could use to help others?

    Connect and reach out to people both here and through social media.

    Don't get discouraged by negative reactions, remember you can't control how others react, but
    you can decide how you will react.

    Stay positive. If you need help, let me know, I'll gladly guide you in the right direction.

    Kind regards,
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    Lovely tips by fellow warriors...
    focus on the one which is your passion and
    eventually you will see that it is fruitful..
    also just never quit till you reach your
    goal.. progress day by day..
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      All of the warriors has given some good tips. Please write down your talents first and use your talents as a business. That way your business will be fun and not like work. Trust me on this one.
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