Biz Owners, How Do You Feel About This?

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I've had this on my mind for a while and I could get some great feedback or get flamed for it. Here goes...

Pipe Dreams - Getting Lied To For The Creators Profit

Why is it that some business owners, marketers, advertisers, and internet businesses, feel the NEED to lie and cheat their ways to a quick buck?

How pathetic do you have to be to prey on people's fears and then when it comes to actually giving them something of value and be upfront with them, you screw them over?

I mean really, come on. Here's how I feel about it: If you can't deliver value and be trustworthy in the space, get the hell out.

I'm tired of seeing people taken advantage of, people that are genuinely trying to provide for their families. People that are just one payment away from being homeless. People that are so desperate for money, they'll sell drugs and even have sex, just to pay the bills. Yeah, it's sick but it's real and it's happening right now.

A big part of it is the whole mentality and the mindset they have, yes and that's why they're in the situation they're in. But another part is greedy and selfish businesses who are in it for some quick profit, delirious of delivering any value, any actionable content, and as trustworthy as a dog with a big juicy steak right in front of him.

Marketers, business owners, advertisers, anyone who sells or markets products and services, LISTEN...

If you don't really care about your customers, if you don't really want people to succeed, if you don't really bring any value to the table, you really need to assess what you're doing. When was it so hard to be honest and create something good that's worth purchasing? Because sooner or later, your customers will speak up and those you lied to will make their voice heard.

If you can't deliver what you promise and have to lie and cheat to get there, nobody wants your stuff.

Either buck up or get out, I think it's something that many of us can agree on....
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    I totally agree with you. You cannot build a long term solid business ripping people off. You need QUALITY.

    I cannot stand people selling me on teaching stuff they have little or no expereince. GET THE EXPERIENCE then help other people. Be honest!!!!!
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    Mike it is unfortunate but it is reality that fear will sell.and it is also sadly reality that bunch of so called GURU's out there are bu**sh**ing their way to make a few bucks.
    in this time and age of internet it is so hard to find a honest marketer and upline. but they do exist. But until there are people buy their sh*t they gonna be there.
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    Always been that way, always will be that way.

    The 2nd Amendment, 1789 - The Original Homeland Security.

    Gun control means never having to say, "I missed you."

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        Ranting like that might make you feel better, but it isn't going to convince a scammer to stop scamming. That lot has been around long before the Internet.

        It's just that the medicine show has moved online...
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    If you have a problem with another Warrior member you need to take it up with that person. You've done that obviously but you can't flame the person in another post. What makes it more ridiculous is you got your money back. Just move on.

    As stated by Admin Allen himself "NO exceptions" ....

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    Originally Posted by Nathan Segal View Post

    Agreed. Some time ago I encounted a product created by The Rich Jerk and only after I bought did I find out that the tutorials hadn't even been done yet. That began to happen, but only "on the fly." Not impressed. Then I later heard about a fiasco involving RJ and John Reese. I demanded my money back, got it and unsubscribed from everything to do with RJ.
    Please NOTE that Nathan is NOT talking about me .... My name is not Wayne (A.K.A. The Rich Jerk)

    I actually agree with Nathan....

    I never lie about my products, I tell the truth.. It does what it does period, no hype and no bull ....

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      Originally Posted by meriman View Post

      but what's sadder is that it's getting to the point where you have to have big numbers or flashy claims to even compete, because people will only bite on those now.
      Exactly! Just take a look at the WSO forum and you'll see the threads claiming they make $$$$ in X days get significantly more views (and I can only assume buyers) than threads for products that may just help people build a real, long-term business.

      People who are desperate for money or who are just starting out online are suckers for over-hyped crap that promises to give them overnight riches. They're easy prey for unscrupulous marketers.

      I used to fall for that stuff when I first got into IM, too. Now I just skip right over it...screen shots of someones PayPal or ClickBank account is meaningless to me.

      Sales pages that keep saying how much money I can make if I buy their system without giving me any clue what that system is early on the page gets clicked away from.

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the responses! Glad to see you all participating in the conversation as this is a pretty controversial topic.

    What do you believe is the most important "principle" when it comes to your customers and your products and/or services?


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