Google god's duplicate content wrath

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I'm a pack-rat, and in going through some of the IM material
I've saved, I came across an Armand Morin audio in which
he is talking about duplicate content. Here is exactly what
he says...

"In fact, Google's own definition of duplicate content goes
something like this. I'm paraphrasing, but I'm gonna' tell you
I'm not that far off from what they are saying. That is, Google's
definition of duplicate content basically says, 'If you have the
exact same content more than once on your own website.'
That is Google's definition of duplicate content."

Here is the situation, and my question... I have a sales letter
with great pulling power in a particular business niche. It begins
with a story and sucks the reader right into the rest of the letter.

This same story and letter could easily work in each of a half
dozen different business niches. It would be exact duplicate
content. For example one letter/website might be addressed to
basket weavers, another to flower growers, and also to plumbers,
furniture stores, jewelers, and chiropractors. Unrelated niches.

It appears (according to Armand Morin) I can use this same
letter without incurring the wrath of the Google gods as long as
I have multiple for each letter.

It would be considered duplicate content if they are:

But, if I use a Web hosting site on which I can host a half dozen
or more URLs at the same server location, would these then
be different sites?

I guess they would have the same dynamic
IP address but different URLs.

Can I then use the same salesletter for each niche?


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