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Hi All,

I was thinking of incorporating the viral inviter tell-a-friend script into my optin process but I can't seem to see Mike Filsaime using it on any of his sites. Call me stupid, but surely if it says in his testimonial "It's on all my sites", then it should be installed on at least one.

As anyone installed it?

I am looking to integrate the 'sign in' gadget from the Google Connect platform. I'll report my findings here for those interested.

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    Hi Hav,

    Yes, I installed Mike's Viral Friend Generator on one of my sites and offered a bonus for anyone who used it to refer their friends. Out of 150 signups I think I had just one or two people use it.

    Maybe my bonus wasn't good enough... I don't know.
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    For what it's worth... if you use PayPal as a payment processor on your site, and offer a bonus connected with your Tell-a-Friend script (i.e., a person has to give you the email addresses of 3 people before they can get the bonus), you run the risk of violating their Acceptable Use Policy.

    PayPal's rule against Matrix Programs states that they prohibit, "any business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for the purpose of being added to a waiting list for a product. In these instances, the individual at the top of the list receives the product only after a set number of people have joined below him or her."

    PayPal Acceptable Use Policy - PayPal

    The problem with a lot of PayPal's policies is they are so vague and ambiguous it's nearly impossible to tell how they will interpret them.

    But in this instance, if they wanted to, PayPal could slap your wrist (or worse) since you have collected money from your customer through PayPal and then told them if they give you contact info for 3 people, they'll get an extra reward.

    You can argue that the bonus connected with the TAF script is not the "primary purpose" of the transaction, but it all comes down to how the policy is interpreted at the time.

    The solution is simply not to offer a bonus with TAF.

    Just one of several gripes I have with PayPal. I still use them, I just don't think they are very "marketer friendly."

    (I'm not a lawyer... but this post kinda made me sound like one... so I'm off to self-medicate and try to return to "normal.")
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    PayPal's real issue is with making someone option before they get a product they paid for, but the big thing with the script is the conversion rate and potential spam issue.

    I had another top notch marketer I set up a product for and he got about the same results as John did. 150 uses, 1 sale, 1 spam complaint. He dumped it after that.


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