Quick Techie Question: Protecting your Download Pages/URL?

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Can you guys recommend some methods of protecting your download page/URL after a customer purchases your product?
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    I use DAP which is also a full membership plugin plus autoresponder.
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      Originally Posted by jazbo View Post

      I use DAP which is also a full membership plugin plus autoresponder.
      This above is why people get the shits on the main board not reading the thread

      The Op is asking for a solution not a product may I suggest looking at YouTube as there are a lot of videos on the subject
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    If you don't want to buy plugins/software to do that, or if you don't trust free plugins.. then you can easily put a password to open your file. And you can send that password to your customer separately and manually. This will not protect your download page, but rather protecting your product. So, everyone download it must have the password to open it. But why do it hard, if it's easy to buy a professional plugins at affordable cost?

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    Depends how paranoid you are and how much work you want to do in after-sales support re-supplying passwords, downloads, etc.

    Software programs can limit downloads but once the file has been downloaded it can usually be copied and/or shared.

    Password protection works but it's easy to share passwords (and it's a pain in the neck as a customer to find them if the email containing them is buried in your inbox).

    Using an unguessable url works - the customer always has the link and so long as you remember to add noindex/nofollow tags to the page it's unlikely to find its way into the search results. I use the Search Exclude plugin to reduce the chance of people finding it from the search function in WordPress.
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    You should buy a product called "DL Guard" from a guy named Sam Stephens. Best product on the market for the task you're looking for.
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      Thanks Randall! I'll look into this one. I think I've heard the name in the past too.
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    Right. If your stuff is any good it will be "shared."

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