Way to allow visitors to report broken link in WP in 1 click?

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Hi. I'm running a WP blog with limited time deals and free products. I'm looking for a way to allow visitors to report broken links in 1 click. (Like a link in a post which - when clicked - sends me the name and/or URL of the posts, without users having to enter the details in a form themselves).

I'm using the 'broken links' plugin, but most deals that run out redirect to a different page, so the 'broken links' plugin doesn't detect them.

Any tips would be appreciated!
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    That would require some coding.
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    It's time for some PHP coding...
    Dynamically scan the current url and assign it to a variable in hidden form and submit it in the form of an email using the php mail() function to receive the broken link as an email...
    Not sure if it is as easy as I stated but you can give it a try...
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