Where Do I Begin: Want To Make 2016 Great

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I'm looking for advice on where to begin.

I'm new to the idea of IM and was introduced to the idea on an extremely helpful and informative blog that is pretty low key (low traffic). The mods and some commenters there all run highly successful businesses using the internet but there isn't a whole lot about where/how they began, techniques, etc... the trend seems to be supplement, lifestyle type products.

This got me very interested and I did some research and found this site so I'm here asking about what it is I need to know to get started running on online business, I'm willing to put in whatever amount of hours are needed to be successful (large returns) with it... I have ZERO problem with that.

I have no previous experience with any of this so any required reading (posts, books, etc.), resources to go to, important things to learn, start up capital, really anything and everything one would need to know going into this with no knowledge.

Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!
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    The best thing to do is to write down your talents and some of the things that you like to do, then try starting a business around those things you have written. It is very important that you do not get caught up in the greed for money game. Try doing something you love to do centered around your special talents. Your business will then not seem like work, but something you enjoy.
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      If you really want IM success. BUILD YOUR LIST!

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        I would recommend you learn the following:
        • How to create a killer landing page to capture email leads.

          How to create a killer sales funnel to convert your email leads into customers.

          How to create a killer ad for ppc marketing.
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    3 Basic components:

    1) Products - create your own, sell your skills, promote affiliate products

    2) Build a list - give away something valuable exchange for email

    3) Generate traffic - many ways to do this (free & paid)
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    I'd start with a market (a niche) that I was interested in.

    Identify their burning problems and wants.

    Look for solutions to those problems.

    Tell them that you have a solution, perhaps offering a free report to both show that you actually understand their problem(s), and to build a list.

    Stay in contact with that email list, talking about their problem, and periodically recommend solutions.

    Of the above steps, I consider the list very important. It's one of the most tangible assets that you can have in an online business.


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      You can follow the IM rhetoric of the messages above. Building a list from a funnel and selling to that funnel is proven method that will work time and time again.

      However, you are new to this. Unless you are willing to:

      1) learn new skills which will take time
      2) splash out on webdesign etc
      3) read books/go through IM products and sift through the BS

      You will most likely quit before it happens.

      Most people have sold something on ebay before. I would be willing to bet that you have done so or bought something on ebay (if you live in the west).

      You can sell old things that you no longer need on ebay, this will give you:
      1) money to invest
      2) experience selling on ebay
      3) ebay feedback

      While you are selling old unused products from your house on ebay you can do some research and smell what sells and then once you have some money you can go out and invest in the products you have chosen.

      With this model, you will be spending less time starting up, using up less time starting up and you will probably be profitable more quickly with this model.
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    In short, this is what I would suggest for starting out:

    1. Choose your niche or part of market you feel you'll fit.
    2. Create some type of giveaway content and create a squeeze page around it.
    3. Drive traffic to your squeeze page (landing page) and build your list.
    4. Use broadcast and follow-up messages (through your autoresponder) to build relationship with your subscribers.
    5. Create your own products and sell them to your subscribers, or promote affiliate products.

    Of course, there is much more to say about this system, but in general that's it in just couple of steps.

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    Think about your talents and then match these to a niche (market).
    Create a squeeze page and a free give away to start building your email list.
    Create a product to your list.
    Research affiliate products you can promote.

    In a nutshell this is a basic blueprint, the best thing you can do is start today.

    Here are a few tips.

    Create professional squeeze pages using leadpages and always test, test and test again.
    Use PLR (private label rights) to build your give away and your product but add value to your subscribers and buyers (super important!).
    Research products to promote on clickbank and Google.
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    Where to get started?

    Pick something, anything and start from there. But just make sure to start. Don't read posts forever trying to piece together everything.

    On the way, you will make a lot of mistakes.

    This is a given.

    If you learn from them and keep moving on, then you may succeed.

    People are telling you to do stuff like make a list, make a squeeze page, make a site, make a product but the problem with all that is...

    Most people starting out are not experienced enough to do these things right from the get go.

    When I was new, I found an opportunity and just started doing 'one thing'.

    Creating Traffic and sending it to a lead capture page.

    That was all.

    I am not saying that's all your going to have to do to make 'consistent' income.

    I am just saying to find something, get started and start at the first base. Learn traffic and then move from there.
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    The best advice I can give you is that you will make a lot of mistakes along the way and you will have many moments where you feel like quitting. You are going to experience a lot of setbacks.

    People are going to laugh at you.

    Your mind will tell you that you are a failure.

    You will probably see weeks where you are NOT making any progress.

    You will probably lose some money (Couple of $100's and sometimes $1,000's)

    When things go bad, don't cry about it. Learn from each lesson and just never give up. Just know that if others are succeeding, so CAN YOU.

    Never give up no matter what.
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    Since you're new to all this, it probably wont be a happy new year for you LOL. Not to crush your confidence, but marketing a product online successfully isn't easy. But put your 10,000 hours in, test and track, and develop your own system that works for YOU. And stay away from the "$1,830/day stuff". Good luck.
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