What Would You Do With This AUTHORITY Domain?

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I bought a great domain with a PR 5 and high quality backlinks from huge authority sites. The domain was previously about helping single parents with scholarships,all the back links are related to that. I am a little stumped on what to do with such a great domain in my hands. What would you do?
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    I would try to sell it for as much
    as i can and walk away with the
    money as i have no experience in
    the niche...
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  • Hi Nathan, depends on how much you want to do with that domain, but as Munir said, if you are not interested in the niche, sell it for more than what you paid. That's why is difficult to run a blog if you don't have passion on a topic; this is at least what I saw in last 7 years.

    Second thing, if original articles and posts were removed, the PR will lower really soon and is difficult to keep it up. I got high PR domain for few dollars in the past, but in a week they lost all the PR value.

    So, if you want to keep it, start creating a plan and stick to it. Add contents and videos on daily basis and remember to build traffic on daily basis with the usual videos, presentations on Slideshare, blog comments (a few and all with different links, not all about the homepage), and especially social media with at least 4 networks (FB Page, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest) and cross the fingers. This type of plan will cost you a lot if you're going to outsource. It's what I'm doing on a survival site since a couple of months.

    If instead you are not sure you will have the force to work on it, try to sell it over Flippa or any other network!

    See you soon,
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    Since you only bought the domain, and not the website/content, the PR ranking will only be short term until Google does a PR update. It's really not an authority domain. You need a website with content to be an authority site.

    Some of your choices are:

    - You can monetize it short term with CPA offers until you lose the traffic from the old website.

    - You can sell it while it still has high PR. (Btw, PR is not anywhere near as important as it used to be.)

    - You can contact the previous owner and see if you can buy the content and design and other related properties that were on the site when it got those backlinks and ranking and rebuild the site like it used to be.

    - You can build a new website in the niche and get it up quick (while making it high quality) and hope the remaining traffic left from the old website will like it and keep coming back. So you'd get a boost from the old traffic although you'd lose ranking and some backlinks.

    I hope you realize now, for your future choices, that you should have had a plan for the domain before purchasing. Unless you are getting something for a price that you don't mind throwing away, you should never buy a domain without a plan.
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    Is the content archived at Web Archive?

    You may be able to see the content and what it looked like in the past.

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      What I would do with the domain , is place ads and find a partner who is familiar with the niche! Hey but make sure that your partner is passionate about the topic. Maybe you can do the marketing while they do the writing and other things..... I have learned that we try to wear too many hats while in business. Let the writers do the writing and the marketers do the marketing. All is well.
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    Not saying you didn't but hopefully you did your due diligence before buying the domain..... There are a lot of fake pr sites for sale....
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