Is there Monopoly of Gigs on Fiverr ?

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I had old gigs on fiverr but after few changes ( after adding video) on fiverr gig , I got mail that they denied my gig , So I deleted my gig.and after few days I placed same kind of Gig on fiverr but they did not accepted they said that it is either existing gig or its copy of some other gig , but my gig was unique. Now I am confused .

Is there Monopoly of Gigs on Fiverr ?

I mean cannt we place same kind of gig if already someone has placed. I am really out of business from fiverr.
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    cannt we place same kind of gig if already someone has placed
    You had old gigs and made changes that led them to being canceled by Fiverr. You are trying to replace those with similar gigs and Fiverr is not allowing it.

    It's not about any "monopoly" - but about YOUR particular gigs. Perhaps Fiverr's terms have changed since you posted the "old gigs" or perhaps changing them and adding videos somehow violated terms at Fiverr.
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    what gigs are you talking about?
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    I'm a good fan of Fiverr since little long time. No, I don't have seen any monopoly since I also have done it lot more times with no restriction..... suppose that must be something issued with your account.

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    If a niche has too many of the same type of Gig they will deny it.

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    That should not stop you, believe it or not lots of people do not know about Fiverr! Set up your own site and market your gigs for $5 if thats what you really want to do , get on facebook, instagram, and other social media outlets and see if people will order from you. Do them both, the gigs that Fiverr denies, set up yourself and market, the gigs that they allow, use Fiverr.
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    I dont think it wold be an issue of monopoly.
    Might be some other reason as mentioned by @kay king
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