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I have been writing since 2009, and really want to make this a year I can make some income with it while providing valuable information. I once had a blog but didn't really know how to use it, and want to start another one.

What are some good ways to go about starting a blog, and as a nurse, is writing health related articles a good area to write in? I dont have anything to sell, but really interested in learning how to make money with a blog.
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    I would say the first thing is pick a niche you are interested in and at the same time has a lot of products, either physical or digital, that you can make money promoting through your website or through an email list you build with your site.

    I would recommend searching the forum for "how to make money blogging" as I'm sure there are a lot of good threads with solid advice on this topic.

    Also, check out Authority Powered - Website of Marketer William Fletcher by fellow Warrior Forum member wfletch24. There is a lot of good info there to read.

    If you have some money you can invest I would recommend checking out the Affiloroma or Wealthy Affiliate programs.
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    1- How much money do you want to make? Before you can make it, you need to know what your after.

    2- Setting up a blog? You should use the search feature above. Too many posts already on this topic. You can google this stuff too.

    Too much info to tell you all about it in one post.

    3- Does health related stuff really excite you? Write about something that you would write about even if money wasn't involved. Yes you already have a lot of health info regarding 'traditional medicine (the way hospitals want us to believe and think regarding health) but would you honestly blog about it for fun?

    Successful bloggers are passionate bloggers.

    Don't worry too much about monetizing for now. That's usually the easy part. Get the blog and traffic first and then figure out 'make money' stuff after (or at least until you actually set up a blog and start doing some work).
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    Don't think a lot!
    It takes a few minutes to start a blog.
    It may take years of thinking and procrastinating to get started.
    Buy a domain name, web hosting, install wordpress, and start writing.
    Here are a few ideas for your blogposts:
    1) About myself - your story
    2) How to become a nurse.
    3) How much money does a nurse make in the US.
    and so on
    There are a lot of nursing affiliate programs on the market.
    Decide whether you want to focus on providing infromation on how to become and to be a nurse, or on providing health related articles.
    Both ways are fine.
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    You could start blogging on worldwide news especially health related news. Then add a specific category where you add your nursing and medicine experiences. Hope this helps.
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      You are surly on the right track, follow your passion and it seems like you are doing what you love to do already. Go with the nursing and other health related issues blog. Types of food we eat can increase dis-eases in the body, eating right can reverse those same diseases. The world need more of what you have to offer.
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    Originally Posted by wordsuwant09 View Post

    What are some good ways to go about starting a blog, and as a nurse, is writing health related articles a good area to write in?

    It's important to blog in a market where people will pay for your information. So the first order of business is to understand where there is demand for specific topics that you might address. I'm guessing 99% of all bloggers make no income because they don't understand that you have to provide valuable information to people that are looking for (1) solutions to problems, (2) answers to nagging questions, and (3) how to do something specific, and (4) desires for acknowledgement, happiness, entertainment, love, acceptance, etc.

    You find a specific demand in the marketplace, then provide valuable information about it as a blogger, then sell or recommend (as an affiliate) specific products/services that will be a solution to the demand for one or more of the 4 items I mentioned above. Find demand then satisfy that demand with a paid product or service.

    So before you start, determine where there is specific demand in the marketplace and where you might provide information and solve the problem that the prospect has. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to locate your prospects and be very targeted in your marketing to them.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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