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Hi all,

I have just joined WF and have been browsing some of the posts, and my head is spinning already. What an active forum!

I am a life coach and I am in the process of creating some digital products. I am a newbie to internet marketing and am in the process of learning all about it to promote my products. What I am quickly realizing is this is a huge field of knowledge, much bigger than I ever expected. I am in for a steep learning curve.

I signed up with Chris Farrell's membership site and found it very helpful. He uses very simple language, which I found helpful because all the jargon was confusing me. So I have decided to promote his site as a way of learning the process, before I start promoting my own products.

It all seems to hinge around getting a list of quality targeted sign-ups. Forums seem to be a good way of doing this. So here I am.

If anyone has any advice for me, on how to get started with list building, I'd be glad to hear it.

Take Care,

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    Hi Frank

    Welcome to WF...... hear you will find very useful information on Internet Marketing, I use this as my primary resource for info on Internet Marketing,

    Hope you find it useful like I do

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      Welcome to warrior forum!

      Just joined internet marketing myself...I've been at Bryan Zimmermanns Newbie University
      Best of luck in your internet ventures...
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    Welcome to warrior forum.

    I am also new to this forum and an active member now.

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      Thanks to all for your kind wishes. I look forward to being an active member of the forum.


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    Welcome to the forum Frank.

    Just try not to get too lost in here. Try to stay focused and constantly take action.
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    Welcome Frank!

    I have been dabbling in internet marketing for about 8 or 9 years now but just recently decided to push it full time. I have been a member of this forum for only a few weeks now but you will find probably 99% or your questions answered here and if you can't already find it there is always someone out there willing to help. Good luck in your endeavors!
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    Welcome aboard Frank. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Hi Frank,

    Welcome to the WF and I wish you well with your venture into IM.

    A quick word of advice, that will help make your stay here on the WF more pleasant, rewarding and profitable. Please take the time to read the rules http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ead-first.html. Pay particular attention to items #5 & 6 and the edits dkirectly under them added by admin (owner of the forum) about promoting affiliates sites.

    Best regards,

    Ken Leatherman
    The Old Geezer

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    Hi there Frank,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum. nice to meet you here
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    Hi Frank!

    Just wanted to say I am also new to WF and a fellow Chris Farrell member, maybe we will "bump" into eachother again...


    allisonwhitehead (client) |myonlinefreelancewritingcareer (blog) |PLRArticlesOnline (PLR Store)

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    Welcome to the forum - this is a great place to learn and to help others out. In addition to Ken's excellent advice I'd like to add the following link as well:

    These Videos provide a great deal of information to help you navigate through the forum. Also don't be afraid to use the search feature here - if its IM related I usually search here first before going to google, unless I'm using the site:warriorforum.com in google.

    Again, welcome and please let me know if there's anything I can do to help out.
    Let's get Tim the kidney he needs!HELP Tim
    Mega Monster WSO for KimW http://ow.ly/4JdHm

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    Hey frank!

    wow.. firstly, it's a true pleasure to meet like-minded people as yourself as I'm always aspired to be a life coach. Maybe you want to share with us your expertise and experiences as I always believe that adding value to people's life works wonders.

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    Hello Frank,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum, you have stumbled into a forum that will give the a six figure education, all you have to do is keep reading. If you have a question just ask in the main forum it will not take long for you to get an answer.

    Glad you made it.


    "Punish The Deed, Not The Breed"

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      Welcome Frank from Spain. Well, good luck to you with your life coach business. That's cool that you're promoting another person's product, but don't forget to work on your own business. That's your main goal.

      Anyway, you're in the one forum that has a lot of very knowledgeable people when it comes to just about everything there is to know about internet marketing. You'll be surprised by the expertise in here.
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        hola, me amigo. Welcome to the forum. Please, make yourself at home!

        Be who you want to become, every second of every day. Make it true!

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      Once again thank you all for your best wishes. I am bowled over by the positive vibe on this forum. I think I'll be here for a long time.

      Take Care,


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        Welcome Frank,

        good WF'n to you.
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