A 100 Page Site?

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Do any warriors have a large site like this? My theory here is to target very easy keywords to rank for and hope each page brings at least 1-5 uniques per day. Of course thats not much traffic but you just rense and repeat with outsourcing
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    Corey - I would only do that as a blog based around a particular niche. I wouldn't try to go for just any keywords for any niche either. You don't want a hodgepodge site.
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      Originally Posted by Amy Bass View Post

      Corey - I would only do that as a blog based around a particular niche. I wouldn't try to go for just any keywords for any niche either. You don't want a hodgepodge site.
      Hodgepodge = odds and ends: a motley assortment of things

      If you build your 100+ pages in one niche you should get a better ranking and receive a lot more traffic than targeting each page to a keyword unrelated to the others.

      Although ... it might work if you set it up as an article directory ... but then an article directory in a single niche should work better

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    im sorry but what exactly is a hodgepodge site?
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    While it is *generally* true that a larger site = more page indexed = more visitors, you should also consider the quality of your content.

    I'm a firm believer of quality over quanity: I've had massively profitable 10 page minisites that draw in over 500 uniques a day. And on the contrary, I've also webmastered larger, 50+ page sites that only had a few visitors a day.

    You get the drift
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    I personally know someone who has thousands of unique pages.
    But that took years and lots of time and energy.
    But they do have top rankings for 'inspirational' 'inspirational messages'
    'inspirational cartoon' and a few other. All manually done.
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    In general (and I mean in general), if you have 100 pages website it will generally attract more visitors.

    Provided the website has:
    1) 80% unique content - Mostly written by you, small portion are PLR articles
    2) Keyword targeted content - Using keywords for the niche
    3) Natural growing content - Not using pages generator, adding new pages every week.

    If the above are done well, it WILL be good.

    Of course, you can generate an equal amount of visitors with minisites, but I said "in general".
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      ok well this site would target only 1 niche. Im not talking about targeting mutiple niches in one site. All of the keywords would be around 1 niche where I sale 1 product.

      I would write the content myself (but plan to make each page only have around 150 words). Im thinking 100 is a bit extreme, instead im going to shoot for 50 right now.

      Now the big problem I see here is having so many links on my site. I know you can create sitemaps, but at the same time I do not want to effect the rankings of each individual page. Any ideas how I can make it where my site displays no links on each page but is still SE friendly?
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        A big site does got more pages indexed, and this can lead to more sales, but you have to factor in the cost and effort of getting all that content. But sometimes it is easy to do. I have a ringtones website and under the hood I have a huge database of artists and songs available. Since I'm a programmer, I wrote some PHP code to create thousands of unique pages, one for each artist with all their songs available as a ringtone. I have over 10K pages indexed in Google for that site. On the other hand, this site earns me only about $100 a month.

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    You will need every page to have both inbound and outbound links. Google will ignore any 'dead-end' pages.


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      so if I created a sitemap and only left a few links on each page I would be ok right?
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